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The photographs of Congressman Posey and CDC Coleen Boyle are on hearing about congressionalism in 2011.

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: Pleasure Garner

Hi, My Identify is Pleasure Garner. I’m the founder of The Control Group,

We at the moment are doing probably the most epidemiological health research on unvaccinated individuals in preparation for a federal lawsuit to stop all national vaccine mandates.

We aren’t asking for cash.

Just some minutes to drive an enormous distinction

Over 43% of US VACCINATED youngsters now endure from continual, disabling, and even lethal illnesses. In our early studies, it has already been shown that unvaccinated youngsters have virtually zero continual health problems and are much less prone to critical infectious illnesses, especially if they did not get vitamin Okay crammed with aluminum.

Youngsters who are injured in the vaccine will turn out to be the age at which they might in any other case have reached the workforce, the financial system of our individuals COLLAPSE.

Many of these youngsters require 24-hour lifelong remedy. This can be a nationwide emergency

Vaccine packages are a direct and existential menace to our individuals's survival. Our research has undoubtedly shown why all the causes of this disease and destruction are.

The completion of this research is August 15, 2019, and then we’re going to a federal courtroom. The primary medical "legal argument" repeatedly defended by the US Supreme Courtroom is that particular person rights could be violated in the identify of "public health".

Nevertheless, our research exhibits that the vaccines disappear. public health ”, which also causes more critical infectious illnesses.

According to the Federal Decide Bench Guide, the precise CONTROL studies are GOLD-STANDARD evidence that proves the SYCLE rule and requires it to achieve probably the most weight.

The earlier comparative research (vaccinated versus unvaccinated) have been too small and rejected as "statistically insignificant".

But with the dimensions of this research, we will overcome this, especially as Trump's judicial authorities at the moment are appointed on board. Our large and now increasing research is probably the most damaging evidence of a serious drug remedy that has ever met the courtroom.

Contemplate that a member of the monitoring workforce has written an article about your publications and / or assist spread the phrase

The more our research, the more responses we get, the deeper evidence that vaccines are in reality the primary explanation for the quickly eroding health of our nation.

Vaccine packages characterize the worst public well being menace (and financial menace) this nation has ever seen. The vaccine packages are prepared to wipe out our financial system in the far-distant future because of the epidemic of devastating illnesses.

We’re additionally getting ready a report on this situation, which can be despatched to the NSA and the White House. Robert Kennedy Jr and different good individuals can benefit from this proof in their ongoing legal work.

Call me personally 530-210-1001 for more info and to discover out how one can help in this endeavor and / or if there is something we will do to show you how to in your efforts.

We're not asking for cash. We’re constructing our case right now and we’re self-financing future legal battles.

Unscrupulous individuals are EVIDENCE huge Pharma is desperately making an attempt to remove his vaccine, so the trigger has never been absolutely confirmed. MUST collect as much evidence as we will.

When they are violated to unvaccinated individuals, everyone is hiding and we aren’t going to acquire this info, not even with "anonymous" individuals.

research can presently produce anonymously. We have already got numerous "samplers" who anticipate to prove the great well being of unvaccinated youngsters.

But this thing is pressing. If we wait, NOBODY is ready to testify and even be ready to fulfill an anonymous health investigation for a possible prosecution

This degree of medical tyranny has already been beta-tested in New York and consists of ADULTS in assignments, including particularly concentrating on and publicly demonizing unvaccinated Jews.

If we don't cease it now, our probability to finish this madness ends with our nation.

PLEASE helps us unfold the phrase about health research. We should document all of this before we’re absolutely accustomed to the drug in this struggle.

They’ve already made laws that give vaccines to all People, every man, lady and youngster, threatening to prosecute. They’ve already donated their politicians who will vote for this devastating tyranny.

Huge tech squeezes our efforts to improve consciousness on-line, and protests only lead to worse legal guidelines as a result of difficult politicians are utterly ignoring our cry

Time runs out. Call me and HELP save this nation.

God bless you all for the work you will have executed. And God BLESS AMERICA! Joy Garner, Founder of The Control Group


Joy's Answer to Some Questions / Criticisms:

The Steering Group intends to win this and stop vaccination!

you're little question. We are very happy to study what your ACTION plan is and think about it. If it appears like a solution, we'll provide help to. Nevertheless it have to be an ACTION plan and have to be HAPPENING SOON.

We are on the level where we begin to say "lead, follow or get out of the way". The truth that it’s advised to anyone doing something that isn’t ok on your style not cuts it.

Failed individuals who COMPLY WITH THIS CONTACT don’t present me an excellent battle plan. And the battle here is.

When you don't know what is at stake, you might have to find out. In the event you don't have a critical action plan in your personal hand, velocity up anyplace and stop. Nobody cares about it anymore. We’d like ACTION

. Some individuals assume that the survey just isn’t scientific enough. However the actual point here is: in accordance to the WHO definition of "science", do you claim this? In case you are in search of a "Control Group" to fall into the lockout with the "science" farm, you have got to give you, we aren’t spiders.

READ OUT IF YOU, -) [19659004] "scientific"? This can be a basic product safety survey. It isn’t used for publication in a pharmaceutical-funded medical journal.

It’s performed on the idea of federal certification guidelines, which are delivered in a selected legal space. Federal courts don’t require us to receive great drug blessings until it turns into acceptable proof.

It’s attainable that some individuals might flip distorted by the outcomes, however this is occurring in ALL research, and we already have so many individuals who want to determine themselves (and even testify in courtroom) that we are in a position to exhibit these effects are only minor in our research.

We also use PAPER paper copies and they’re really onerous pretend

In contrast to CHEAP and fraudulent online epidemiological research, the FDA carries out our questionnaire (which may all be repaired electronically) and cannot be "hacked".

But the FDA repeatedly invites these on-line surveys to "verify" their "scientifically proven" proof that a small 8-year-old Johnny is likely to contract arthritis (two weeks after his shot) because he is confused about his sex, or he lives in a poor neighborhood.

Nothing BUT photographs to blame for the current epidemic of childhood arthritis and countless different issues

In our OUR research, respondents have entry to documents and declare that anyone who appears to be counterfeit is repeated and so on. We gained it because there isn’t any drawback with this as a result of most of them are unimaginable to override.

As a result of the required presentation of all the "medical history" Alongside the survey, it’s wanted provided that we seek duty, and even then only the required data are the actual service, the get together / injured social gathering


Studies carried out in the same method as we (however much much less reliable) are carried out to help the applicant's argument that the suspected product was a possible cause. It's acceptable. Straightforward and easy. We solely have to meet the "superior" normal of what we are going to do. This is not a demise penalty. It is a civil regulation.

When a authorities sues a federal courtroom for a ban on the sale of a specific product, they will acquire bans through the use of a lot less reliable research strategies than we do. They typically provide questionnaire-based evidence that has been accomplished on-line and is absolutely acceptable.

It appears that evidently in any other case logical minds are set in the lure of definitions and dictations of "science" funded by drugs.

Belief Pharma, in case you like, but not everyone is working anymore, and for good cause. Thankfully, the irrational pure definition of Pharma doesn’t dominate our federal courts, and their "methodology" is just not the identical as what’s held in courtroom.

Pharma-funded vaccine "science" is clearly illogical and apparently designed for HIDE fact vaccines, courts do not work in this manner. In contrast to the science of pharmacy, the courts and their guidelines are often designed to meet this.

Pharma can’t drive the courts to initiate special new rules in which true science (details, info) Exhausting evidence, logic and cause) ALL is destroyed and even scandalized too "old-fashioned".

Go to the LUE Federal Decide Bench Guides. PLEASE reads something aside from an enormous Pharma masking irrational “logic”. 95% of the funding for medical journals comes instantly from major medicines.

All of us need a touch right here. Get out of their little management area. Chances are you’ll die there in case you can’t escape. These assignments are their "ultimate solution" – to the dreaded measles? -)


Joy Garner, Founding father of The Management Group

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