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Mother, Therapist, Teacher, Paralegal, Advocate, and Vaccine Court Victims talk about how vaccine-autism bans families.

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Mom, Therapist, Instructor, Paralegal, Sufferer of the Regulation and Vaccination Court: Jamie Juarez

Jamie Juarez
Health Information [19659006] In 2002 I was Younger , an formidable 24-year-old ending faculty as a proxy instructor, marriage and family therapist and behavioral analyst.

Like all good mothers, I took a healthy, talking, reactive, playful boy to Dominic docs to take his routine vaccine on the age of 15 months.


Jamie and Dominic

That night time, I assumed my son was creating 105 fever, uncontrolled shouting, dizziness, diarrhea and scenes. Within the following days, when Dominic got here to the depressing, unable to eat, furious and struggled together with his respiration, my panic grew out of control.

I took Dominic back to the docs who demanded to know what the vaccines had finished for him, however more importantly, how might we assist him

They stated there was no correlation between the vaccines they acquired on that day and his newly developed signs.

I was advised to be paranoid, and psychiatry was sent to us. [19659006] A couple of months later in his regression in his speech, eye contact failure, obsessive conduct, and a decline in gaming expertise occurred, Dominic was recognized with severe, non-verbal autism. I had been recognized with melancholy and panic assaults.

I demand solutions, claiming that docs informed them, "this is not autism."

I used to be badly advised that my son was healthy earlier than the vaccines and now he is medically sick. I advised them, "this is not autism."

My professor stated I by no means see an autism case during my profession as a result of it was solely seen in 1 out of 10,000 youngsters. I advised the docs, "this is not autism."

My son's medical symptoms have been precisely what was discovered within the uncomfortable side effects of the vaccine: encephalopathy, inflammation, immunological dysfunction and seizures. I advised the docs, "this is not autism."

I requested docs to present a vaccine opposed response reporting system. Docs refused to ask that "this is autism."

Little did I know that it was the first ban on numerous refusals I might hear from docs, trainers and social staff for the subsequent seventeen years.

not solely to my son Dominic, but to the hundreds of students and patients I want to continue with for creating mental health facilities and particular schooling faculties.

My complete private and skilled life has been ramped as much as today with strategic refusals, lies, corruption and horrible countermeasures on all fronts. A patient journey simply to disclose the truth of vaccine accidents has been one of many apparent strategic plans

I went to insurance coverage corporations, faculty districts and social service departments that needed assist.

I used to be denied

sufferers' mother and father who like me, forbidding medical info that confirmed more vaccination than autism.

My students' mother and father, who also like me, have been knowledgeable that they have been academically therapeutic by treating it as vaccine.

Some of us even made our allegations in a courtroom of vaccination, where we have been all forbidden in our day in courtroom.

Omnibus Autism Proceedings

US Federal Courts Specialist Workplace,

After October 1, 1988, this is the one solution to get compensation for vaccine injuries because all concerned have been protected by a national baby vaccine Act of 1986 (Public Regulation 99-660) ), which created the National Vaccine Damage Compensation Program (NVICP).

This regulation was handed by the US Congress because it threatens to ship the vaccine to a DPT vaccine. Since 1989, the Health and Prevention Middle (CDC) Immunization / Vaccine Schedule exploded with autism spectrum dysfunction (ASD).

Many mother and father claimed that thimerosal and measles mussel (MMR) have been the cause of the event of autism of their youngsters. In the early 2000s, hundreds of petitions have been filed beneath the NVICP, grouped underneath the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP).

Lots of our families have now found each other after a decade. Countless reviews of fixed tragedy, corruption and crime on all fronts of medical, instructional and behavioral institutions are annoyingly comparable.

Our petitions have been a part of 666 petitions acquired by the Well being Assets and Providers Administration (HRSA) on October 1, 2002 – December 31, 2002, earlier than turning into a part of OAP.

”The aim of the Congress was that the Compensation Program should attraction to everybody for the performers a fast, flexible and much less contrasting various to typically expensive and long-term citizens.

We, the petitioners of Vaccine Court, skilled an entire reversal.

OAP was based mostly on six check instances to test three autism causes

1) Has using thimerosal (a mercury preservative) in vaccines brought about autism?

2) Was MMR vaccine autism?

three) Did the mixture of MMR and thimerosal use autism?

These questions have been answered by fraud and justice, sweeping most of us underneath the bus. There are so many questions for us that our mother and father who have not had our youngsters

How can our governments argue that vaccines are protected and efficient when there are not any safety research beneath the National Childhood Damage Compensation Act 1986?

Have been 6 OAP check instances often known as Cedillo, Hazlehurst, Snyder, Meade, Dwyer and King, all ANSWERING CONFIRMATIONS inside the NVICP?

Dr. Zimmerman, a authorities professional witness, testified that Hannah Poling's signs of mitochondrial illness behind autism have been vaccines. Dr. Zimmerman confirmed that the VACCINES BREEDS can set up a sworn statement of the case of Hannah Poling.

Suppose this is the rationale why Hannah's case was eliminated as one of the 6 OAP check instances earlier than being committed in 2008?

. Zimmerman also testified that Yates Hazlehurst's autism was on account of vaccines. Based on Dr. Zimmerman, vaccines prompted autism in two check instances.

What does Dr. Zimmerman now say about other check instances often known as Cedillo, Snyder, Meade, Dwyer and King?

Apparently, before OAP was established in 2001, Health and Human Providers (HHS) CONSIDERS that Porter Bridges mind injuries, together with autism, have been thimerosal-containing vaccines given during its four-month assessment.

So the question is not "Have vaccines caused autism?" The question is:

”What number of 5000+ petitioners have been wrongly denied and denied just because that they had" autism "in their vaccine injuries and had underlying mitochondrial dysfunction and / or mind damage, which is a vaccine damage that can be exchange? ”

Our case was rejected strategically and wrongly if we have been denied compensation. The petitioners, once we have been waiting for the anniversary of the vaccine in courtroom, we by no means saw that day.

Slightly, our youngsters have ignored NVICP's disregard for their households' residual injury to their baby's vaccine damage / dying

Our family has been left to our own units in order that we will look after our special needs youngsters throughout their lives without compensation. Lots of our lives have been severely destroyed perpetually because of the injury brought on by the 1986 nationwide childhood vaccine, which protected the vaccine producers for the youngest and most weak American citizens.

  Jamie and RFK

Jamie Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As the lawyer and vaccine security activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has referred to as it, we are a part of "one of the most leading fraud inevitably in human history."

  Book-Vaccine Court -by-Wayne-Rohde-large

Guide – The Vaccine Court, Wayne Rohde – 240 pages

“The Dark Truth of the American Vaccine Damage Program”



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