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As a pacesetter in revolutionary herbal meals, Follow Your Heart is committed to the standard and safety of our elements. One ingredient especially in the spotlight is carrageenan. Some Follow Your Heart products include carrageenan and we need to offer you details about why we choose to make use of it and why we’re sure that the carrageenan you’re using is a protected food ingredient in our merchandise.

Is Carrageena Protected?

Sure, in depth research has led to food-grade carrageenan being suitable for eating.

What’s Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is an ingredient derived from purple seaweed, which acts as a thickening agent for meals. The Carrageenan identify comes from [a] seaweed species generally known as Carrageen Moss or Irish Moss in England, and Carraigin in Eire. Carraigin has been used in Eire since 400 AD as gelatin and at residence as a remedy for coughs and colds (1). ”

Why is Carrageenan Concerned?

Carrageenan: Meals Quality and Decomposition. Food grade carrageenan has been used for a whole lot of years and has been extensively reviewed and accredited for use in food. Decomposed carrageenan was discovered to be dangerous, but shouldn’t be utilized in food as a result of it does not present thickening properties. Although the quantity of degraded carrageenan and food-based carrageenan is totally different, the hostile results of carrageenan in its degraded type have been mistakenly combined with food grade carrageenan.

How do we all know that carrageenan is a protected meals additive?

The FAO / WHO Skilled Committee on Food Components (JECFA) is a world group of professional toxicologists who’ve independently evaluated food-based carrageenan. who critiques info and develops recommendations for meals components. JECFA said that food grade carrageenan was a protected meals additive and had no restrictions on its use in food.

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Follow Your Heart is committed to the standard and safety of our elements. We all know that our clients anticipate us to make use of only top quality and wholesome elements, and we’ll do our utmost to satisfy these expectations. We’re confident in selecting to use Grade Carrageen and its alignment with our mission to make healthy, healthy natural meals. You possibly can learn more about our analysis to get our determination under. When you’ve got some other questions, please e mail us at

The next is a abstract of our research:

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan, derived from numerous pink seaweeds, has been used for tons of of years. thickener in meals (2) and commercially ready in 1940 for chocolate milk and junket (three), which is a dessert of spice as a pudding. Within the mid-1960s, docs have been advised to advocate carrageenan to scale back the pain brought on by peptic ulcers. The concentration wanted to ease the ulcer created a gel that was extremely viscous and uncomfortable to eat. Thereafter, decomposed carrageenan, which is also referred to as polygene, was born. Decomposed carrageenan is produced by hydrolysis of native (food grade) carrageenan, which cleaves the bonds and makes the molecules smaller in order that their thickening properties are eradicated. Quickly, scattered carrageenan was found to be harmful and its use within the remedy of ulcer was discontinued. Since it is a thickener used as a perform of carrageenan in food, degraded carrageenan with little or no thickening properties was never used in food. Although the amount of degraded carrageenan and food-based carrageenan is totally different, the antagonistic effects of carrageenan in its degraded type have been mistakenly combined with food grade carrageenan.

Why is Carrageenan Involved?

 Red Seaweed Carrageenan safety considerations are brought on by an article written by Dr. Joanne Tobacman (four). A lot of the research have been talked about in the article about degenerate carrageenan (polygene). He argues that even meals grade carrageenan is just not protected because it has a big amount of degraded carrageenan, because acids in the abdomen and certain micro organism might break down into degraded carrageenan. This isn’t an argument supported by human or animal experiments. Tobacman refers to research that simulate the consequences of gastric acid on carrageenan and the resulting presence of degraded carrageenan. Nevertheless, a research by Marcus and Watt in 1969 explains that "a polygene with an average molecular weight of about 20,000 daltons does not have any carrageenan food function with an average molecular weight of less than 100,000 daltons and is generally much higher." when evaluating "digested" carrageenan to the polygene is counterfeit equivalence.

Lately, "Carrageenan scientific assessments have been included in short- and long-term generational research involving totally different doses of degraded and non-degraded varieties and numerous animal experiments … all research supported the security of [food grade] carrageenan in meals. ] carrageenan so long as the typical molecular weight was 100,000 daltons or greater. ”The provisions on carrageenan molecular sizes have been modified so that food-based carrageenan was by no means lower than this restriction and testing methods have been launched to adjust to these restrictions (5)

Tobacman also refers to research demonstrating that the native carrageenan might contribute to colonic tumors in rats, nevertheless, these studies carrageenan was about 2.5% – 15% of the entire dietary Si rats. quite the opposite, foods containing carrageenan have an ingredient in tenths (.1%) or one hundredth (zero.01%) of meals, and these meals make up solely a small portion of our complete weight loss plan.

How do we know that carrageenan is a protected meals additive?

Dr. The FAO * / WHO Professional Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) reviewed Tobacman's research as an unbiased worldwide panel of professional toxicologists reviewing knowledge and creating recommendations on food components. The research and carrageenan examination included analysis of carrageenan degradation and carrageenan "public speculation on harmful gastrointestinal effects". Because of the analysis, the JECFA Committee concluded that carrageenan analyzes carried out in laboratory exams have been carried out with highly degraded carrageenan (polygene) and that food-based carrageenan was a protected meals additive that had no restrictions on its use in meals. These studies used a unique form of carrageenan and have been examined only at a high degree. JECFA said that carrageenan was a protected meals additive with no restrictions on its use in meals (6), and "showed an acceptable daily intake (ADI) for" not outlined "for probably the most favorable class.

Other Research and Analysis

Following Tobacman's above-mentioned article, he also wrote a paper stating that bench-invitro experiments showed that carrageenan and numerous organ cells have been interfacing (8). These checks are thought-about invalid, as a result of the intake of carrageenan doesn’t cross the blood intestinal barrier to interplay with the our bodies of the cells (6). He additionally wrote the paper by which it was found that carrageenan consumption and the incidence of breast most cancers elevated 20's (9). European Fee The SCF concluded that such correlations would hit all meals or chemical compounds which have usually increased within the 20th century (10). We consider that carrageenan is the reason for breast most cancers because the incidence of breast most cancers and carrageenan consumption are growing within the 20th century and say that listening to Jimi Hendrix and rock n roll music can also be a trigger for breast cancer.

he tries greatest to defend his case towards carrageenan of a food sort, regardless of the science behind the arguments, and does not acknowledge the actual distinction between the degraded carrageenan and the food-based carrageenan. Reading scientific literature helps the security of carrageenan and even exhibits carrageenan to stop the expansion of most cancers cells because of the enhancement of the immune system (11).


We also invite you to take our word for it and we welcome you to read a few of our research. Two good areas are "public health and carrageenan" and "carrageenan: review". If in case you have another questions, please e-mail us at

* FAO = United Nations Meals and Agriculture Organization

** WHO = World Health Group


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