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In refusing to be silent, parents tell how their children suffer painful death after vaccination

Public personnel were called to land in the California capital for health freedom and to oppose the removal of medical exemptions from mandatory vaccines.

California rally opposes SB276, which might have made California the primary state in the USA to remove forensic docs writing vaccine exemptions for their patients. The bill is presently suspended. Story.

Feedback by Brian Shilhavy
Reporter, Health Impression News

Ron Kennedy, MD, is a California physician who’s presently suing the California Medical Board to play California physicians who write vaccine exemptions for their patients. See:


A California doctor sues a medical panel of intimidating docs who write exceptions for vaccines.

He just lately asked parents of children who died because of vaccines to ship him a narrative, and then another physician in California, Physician. Robert Rowen, who has lots of followers on Fb, launched their story in the present day.

Dr. Rowen feedback that these stories made her tears, and warns her readers that they too can have the same impact on them.

We’re copying these stories right here for the sake of larger public awareness and to be sure their voice isn’t silenced by the social group. Media know-how giants.

Many of those tragic stories have widespread themes through which the health of regular and regular children deteriorated after receiving the vaccines and died.

Youngster Safety Providers (CPS) Threats to Vaccine Parents in Problem. and the danger of dropping their children, in the event that they meet the requirements, is detrimental to docs who refuse to administer vaccines and subsequently do not treat vaccine injuries. These testimonies present that we’ve an actual crisis and tragedy in the USA at present with regard to vaccine policy.

These are the few and brave parents who usually are not silenced by jeopardizing their popularity and profession by telling their stories publicly in a rustic these days governed by medical tyranny. Notice the protection of vaccine-related deaths

written by Dr. Robert J. Rowen
Physician. Rowen's Fb Page

Posted here at the request of Ron Kennedy, MD, who fights in courtroom for his medical certificate to shield children from vaccine injury.

This can be a lengthy submit. But the tales are real, [and] will in all probability get it to courtroom. They're shifting enough to take you to tears. (Some stories made me in tears.)

Dr. Ron Kennedy:

(These are all stories from parents whose children died from vaccination. These children wouldn’t have acquired a CDC exemption. Compiled by Ron Kennedy, MD)

Posted by: Karen Kain – She died in my arms December 22, 2009

Pricey Dr. Kennedy,

My identify is Karen Kain, I have an older baby, who was injured within the vaccine. In 1994, my daughter Lorrin acquired her DPT vaccine.

He was 6 weeks previous. He had a 5 minute seizure 2 hours after vaccination and a second to 2 hours after. Lorrin had a so-called "hot" batch. VAERS was reported to have 30 or extra seizures and 10 surrounding deaths have been reported. According to the CDC, just one% of accidents are actually reported.

Lorrin had extreme brain injury based mostly on the vaccine. He by no means walked or talked. He communicates blinking. He was blind in the cortex and inhaled from the opening in the neck and was fed by a feed tube.

The national vaccine compensation program never claimed the reason for the damage. In 1998, Lorrin acquired money to pay for his life-long care.

Lorrin took as many as six anticonvulsants day by day however still had uncontrolled seizures. She demanded 24-hour care and was dependent on others for all her needs. We lived within the hospital for Three-5 years. She died in her arms on December 22, 2009, at the age of 15.

Vaccine injury is actual and destroys lives, breaks down the family unit and imposes an enormous financial burden on our faculties and our group. My instant family raises children in California. With SB276, their health is in grave danger. The voice has all the time been the same: "If there is a risk, there must be choice."

Karen Kain
Elder, Consultant
ACCV Member

Posted by: Catie Clobes – child died 36 hours after receiving 6 vaccines in her In my 6 month assessment

 Evee Clobes

Hi Dr. Kennedy,

I acquired your info from Larry Prepare dinner. My daughter Evee Clobes handed away on March 1, 2019, 36 hours after receiving 6 vaccines in her 6-month verify.

I’ve since shared her story on social media and has spread around the globe. I’ve acquired hundreds of messages from the mother, who thanked me for many causes.

I visited once Kapitoliossa and talked with legislators. I presently have a lawyer and am working in the midst of neuropathology, Dr. Douglas Miller, who has up to now discovered a cell infiltration of the temporal lobe of his cerebral cortex so we’ve the CD68 immunoassay to affirm what he believes to be histocytes, and I lastly obtained the drugs.

Then we attempt the unhappy vaccine courtroom or go into medical malpractice. Quickly additionally Eveellä a billboard right here in Minnesota because of the good human group, which I have met and supported me.

I am a very open, passionate and uncooked factor with respect to, mainly because I’m sad actually arduous, and I feel that it’s my means to ventilate.

I consider I might be of nice help to you in defeating this invoice. I might cry lots, but I might assist.

I www.fb.com/catie.clobes.1 FB.

Here is Eve's unique story, which went a bit viral – https: // m. Facebook.com/story.php…0082419

Thanks prematurely on your time,
Catie Clobes

Please learn Catie's Fb -story.
Comply with the word to Dr. Kennedy (I acquired this e-mail shortly after the above.)

Catie Clobes
10:32 (1 hour in the past)

to Ron

I appreciated the gorgeous Evee Gayle died unexpectedly in his sleep on Friday morning, the final time in my arms immediately. She was a wonderful do-it-yourself "angel costume" donated by two superb volunteers who made it in a single day just for her. He used the bonnet to grab his golden sheath hair. I wrapped in a delicate pink blanket.

This feeling of ache is unspeakable. Unanswered questions on how or why it aggravates it. I don't understand any of them. I can't stop enjoying that morning in my head.

None of these appears actual. Absolutely not truthful. She was the right youngster and I am so grateful that we never left each other to the aspect throughout a brief six and a half months that I used to be blessed together with her. He was my greatest pal. My physique only hurts my baby.

I thank my sister, my parents, my brothers and sisters and other household that I have taken care of every part and all the help. I respect all the type phrases and prayers that I’ve acquired from everyone,

thank you.

Pay attention to that snigger. I'll never forget it.

*** Eve had a 6-month checkup and plans for immunizations a day and a half before she went by way of, and was found to be in good well being as a result of she was all her life. She laughed, shook her head no, purple in her face and deep sleep with shallow respiration (all within the image and video), indicators that were not related to me on the time, however I came upon.

Aside from "felt" good. Initial autopsy results have been inconclusive and showed no abnormalities, toxicology has returned to destructive, the official post-mortem report lists the causes of death as undetermined.

I’m not glad with the Anoka County Medical Examiner's Office, I used to be informed that each one checks have been going to assault to decide the cause of death, together with vaccination exams, but that was not the case, and I used to be truly denied the checks I requested.

They have been all denied by the Death Ranger. There have been unusual, unexplained circumstances in his first autopsy report. I hate the shortage of effort or compassion.

For example, "blood cells in the blood that should not be, are only marked insignificant". An skilled advised me it was in all probability laboratory contamination.

Wholesome infants just don't die in their sleep for no cause. SIDS is a syndrome, not a disease, and it’s brought on by one thing, and in this case it was a vaccine.

The VAERS report has been submitted by the clinic at my request. The clinic failed to document the right location of the samples.

I used to be taken back and apologized and his guide corrected, and one other VAERS report was submitted with corrections. I’m concerned and I hate her-managed clinic operations.

I hired an awesome lawyer who focuses on vaccine injuries / deaths. This is accomplished and fought in courtroom by means of the infamous National Damage Vaccination Compensation Program and / or by way of medical malpractice.

Evee acquired 6 vaccinations that day within the type of 2 photographs, and I wish I had recognized earlier that it was just an excessive amount of for one little child to have at the similar time, a few of them weren’t even mandatory.

New pricey good friend, whom I have met all through this process, has established an unimaginable GoFundMe personal neuropathology (that I have found) to go through Eeva-tissue and mind samples from each the autopsy and look at the unique findings and examine them with medical findings and molecular autopsy to determine, does he have any uncommon gene which will have brought on his death. 19659004] Starting April 30th, that is finally happening, and a really laborious course of.

Neuropathology research, gene testing, sudden ridiculous medical payments, cost for my daughter's remaining tissue, blood, ph post-mortem pattern, and so forth. released, confirmatory exams, gene testing, attainable second neuropathology analysis, so many checks, travel, from the condo where I lived with Eve, and if there’s something left, a pleasant reminiscence, in some special type, within the identify of Evee Gayle Clobes, what donations are going to be directed.

Every help and prayer is valued and wanted. Comply with my public posts or @ clobes182 on IG to receive the blessing of my lovely daughter Evee Gayle Clobes together with her lovely, hilarious, loving character, spirit and soul. I would like the world to keep in mind him. #justiceforevee

UPDATE 6/27/19

Neuropathologist research continues to be ongoing.

Affirmation exams have to be accomplished on the part of his mind where something was found. Genetic testing of the guts ruled out any genetic mutations in his heart that may have prompted his death.

An enormous battle has introduced itself with another thing in this case. The small print can’t be revealed but. It's a continuing wrestle, something new everyday.

I am not going to let go of anyone who, because of their beliefs or egos, can manipulate, defile, falsify documents or intentionally sabotage. Protection and corruption should cease.

Posted by: Brandi Nolan – Unborn child died after flu shot

Pricey Physician Kennedy,

I saw a word asking individuals to reply that if the children died. after the next vaccines. Unsure if uterine entry would be sufficient to dampen the vote, but here's your story.

In 2009, 7 months pregnant, I used to be pressured by the flu.

My child died after 25 weeks. He had nothing flawed with the autopsy.

Since then, I've had more children. My son was blood and DNA examined after 18 months as a result of Dr. Adema felt he may need vaccinations. He found several indicators of autoimmune illness and advised us by no means to give him gluten or dairy products.

Inside six months of his new food regimen, he was a totally totally different wanting and functioning youngster. My daughter's death saved her brother. I used to be recognized with MS and since our entire family has considerably lowered the toxins brought on by food regimen, air, water, cleansers and stress. I need to depart California before ever giving my sons a vaccination.

I've added an image of my daughter and poikastani.

Thank you for preventing the Medical Selection Event !!!!!!!
Brandi Nolan

Posted by: Amber Powers – CPS threatened to take my twin after start – quickly after they have been pressured to receive Tdap and influenza vaccination. Each twins died before they have been born

Good night Dr. Kennedy,

My identify is Amber Powers, and I’m writing to you tonight relating to a call to motion that was sent to SB276 asking for lacking moms to translate the legislature. That is the story of my twin:

Once I was 20 weeks pregnant, I went for a routine anatomy verify with the twins. In the following appointment, I declined tDap and flu imaging because I didn’t feel snug due to the shortage of safety research.

Instantly after declaring my refusal to the nurse, he left the room and returned Four docs, 2 nurses and a social worker, who started bullying and harassing me for almost 4 hours, till I lastly cried out and consented to the photographs.

I used to be 21 years previous and I used to be afraid they might threaten to get CPS to take my youngsters away after delivery. if I refused; I didn't know any more, they usually took benefit of it.

In anatomy research, both infants seemed healthy, robust heartbeat, and tremendous mild. Inside Four hours of vaccination, I used to be in the ER after a water break and a severe continuous contraction.

The ultrasound was finished to verify on the infants because I had not felt them shifting for over 3 hours. The ultrasound showed that my children, who had been completely wholesome and high quality 8 hours before, have been now lifeless. They have been born less than 18 hours later. An post-mortem concluded that that they had both suffered from large strokes and that the official explanation for death was nonetheless congenital due to a stroke in the uterus.

Once I requested if the shot I had simply hours before their death might have had any impact by any means, I was laughed at and ridiculed; it was a coincidence that I used to be advised.

One brave nurse informed me I wasn't loopy that she might lose her job telling me, but I had to investigate reporting to VAERS and claiming compensation from NVIC as a result of it wasn't the primary time she saw her mother lose her baby for a couple of hours inside the vaccination course.

I used to be turned away from NVIC as a result of my docs didn’t help my story and their death was thought-about a natural cause. I have no other dwelling children, because I have since been repeated amongst going. They might flip two this yr, their names being Jubilee Rose and Levi Oliver.

Thank you for taking the time to read your story, I'm unsure if this is the story you're in search of, however I used to be several mothers on the move asking to attain out and share it with you if I might assist change the thoughts of this legislator.

My vote might shake, but when I tell their story, I might help kill this bill and alter the minds of the legislators. I'd be honored to help. I want you all one of the best and you’re in my prayers.

If you need to speak extra, be happy to reply to this e mail.

Thanks for all you’ve gotten carried out.

Amber Powers

Posted by: Isabelle Stevens – Two of my children suffered from extreme neurological injuries, convulsions, resting suggestion and ultimately died 5 days after vaccination in 2012

Pricey Physician Kennedy

276 because it rejects my children's vaccine launch, which was granted due to household history of very severe vaccine reactions, the death of two sisters and the death of two different children, if allowed beneath SB 277.

My children acquired physician's discharges after spending 106 days in the hospital and a number of other hours every week in docs' workplaces. All medical data have been reviewed and detailed family historical past was taken under consideration. Two of my children suffered from severe neurological injuries, convulsions, postmortem and eventually died 5 days after vaccination in 2012.

My later dwelling children additionally suffer from neurological injuries and severe developmental retardation immediately after vaccine administration. Our children suffer from elevated heart fee, feeding tolerance and protracted vomiting, and high fever.

They have not but reached the complete means to eat food orally and subsequently want to feed G-tube 3 times day by day to help their every day caloric consumption.

Our sons wrestle with permanent neurological accidents and developmental delays. She receives 30 hours every week of intensive care to assist her progress and get a working life. He was in a position to return to his means to stand and walk independently again at about 21 months of age.

Our household has a very detailed and documented historical past of sensitivity and critical reaction amongst many relations.

Because of this, we strongly supply OPEN SB 276 as a result of it rejects stay childhood vaccine exemptions and forces us to homeschool or transfer.

In addition, these are some other essential considerations which will be addressed in this bill:

  1. CDPH just isn’t the fitting company or group. The rules for CDC antibodies are far too slender, and gadgets listed within the vaccine appendices, comparable to family tree, epigenetics, and unwanted effects, should be included as criteria for writing a medical exception.
  2. Privacy Points in the Assortment of Children's Patient Knowledge right into a State Database.
  3. Considerations d discrimination towards children with medical exceptions in faculties.

Isabelle Stevens


Posted by: Jessica Taylor – she had many vaccinations – her death was; day, but stated he couldn't proceed to report that the vaccines

Hi Dr. Kennedy,

My identify is Jessica Taylor. My son was born 22/03/2017 @ 12:31 am healthy and full. His identify was Clyde James Taylor. She was vaccinated in the hospital after delivery with normal vaccinations. In his second month of appointment, he was revaccinated with typical vaccines. After that day, she wept for days. I didn't comprehend it was a sign of vaccine injury.

It was my first baby and I used to be ignorant. He had 4 months previous vaccinations on September 9, 1997 at 9 o'clock.

He did not feel self-conscious and was very sleepy that my sister stated I was at work between 11am and 6pm that day.

The boy only slept every 30 minutes basically and by no means slept all day lengthy to wake up to eat. I used to be advised to give him Tylenol once I went residence after the vaccinations. I did as instructed.

That night time we went to bed at 9:49 p.m. We might sleep collectively on my bed. He was on his back with all his safety rules on sleeping together with his again.

I awoke at 2 am as a result of he had not woken up to the nurse and it was in contrast to him to go to the nurse for greater than 4 hours. He felt cold and there was one thing wet underneath his nose. I jumped upwards, turning the lights on to see that his nostril got here with blood and fires.

I immediately cried out his identify, lifting him up and his head bowed again and his tongue was blue with glazed eyes. I knew then that he was gone, but I sucked nails and blood from my nose to my mouth and started that.

I referred to as 911 after the first two breaths rescued. In the hospital, they tried to revive her for 30 minutes, but she was gone. The physician stated it was not SIDS, suppressive or due to sleep deprivation, however that he had a respiratory paralysis and that it was a aspect impact of one of many many vaccines he acquired that day, but stated he couldn't continue the ebook stating that it brought on by vaccines. This was said in his medical report.

Cancer lied to me and stated he would do an entire autopsy. He only did visual and toxicology to make sure that I wasn't the one who killed him. In case you have one thing else you want to know, please e-mail us. Hopefully it will help.

P.S. my daughter does not include vaccine due to this

Jessica Taylor

Posted by: Susan Foster – Our lives and our households have been destroyed! It was dwelling hell !!!! I misplaced half of my household with vaccination injury !!!!

Pricey Dr. Ron Kennedy,

I acquired a PM from Ricardo Beas saying that you are in search of a mother or father with a misplaced baby due to vaccination injury.

Focus Star was born in 1980 and was a thriving 13-month-old who had reached all of the milestones after receiving the MMR. Within hours, she was feverish with a robust cry and went into status scenes.

Three hospitals and three weeks later we took house the gorgeous toddler shell we as soon as had! He misplaced all social expertise in the language and had seizures every single day.

He continued to be speechless, non-ambulatory. He misplaced all using his palms wanted to feed into the hand-wrapped swim liners that have been placed on the bed wounds and rescued in each seizure assault! His and our lives have been a nightmare and extra devastating! He lost his brief life on the age of 20 due to heart failure due to seizures!

In 1983, our third daughter was born and we stored her vaccinated because of her sister. After 22 months, our physician assured us that this might by no means occur once more and that we should always no less than give him a DPT.

I insisted on leaving P as a result of there had been some considerations about P. We'll never know for positive, but he was simply given a DT!

This little woman who had brought joy back into our lives had a number of expectations beyond improvement, but the subsequent day after DP I went to get her within the neck and had a seizure.

I collapsed to the ground and knew in my heart that we had a recurring performance! Natalie adopted the identical path as her sister Christina, besides that she additionally had such extreme gastrointestinal problems that she took two hours a day in a heat water tub that screamed at the prime of her lungs, causing a bowel movement that really stopped. up to the toilet !!!

Our lives and our families have been destroyed! It was dwelling hell !!!!

Our older daughter lost her childhood whereas serving to to look after her sisters. My husband is a high-tech salesman in Electrical Engineering, and his life turned a curler coaster, making an attempt to keep high-powered work and be the one bakery in our family.

I can't even begin to tell you what my life was like, that it's a blur-free care for two women who wanted each care they needed! I misplaced 30 years of my life with out ever leaving my house with out ever visiting my associates, ever going to dinner with my husband with out dropping pleasure with my older daughter and I had no life because I had to endure watching my women suffer in their every day lives! One other daughter was 26. I misplaced half of my family to vaccination injury !!!!

I’m now a grandmother of one of the free vaccine for healthy 13-year-old tyttärentytärlle, which has been granted an exception due to a household medical history. !

I'll do something to maintain him protected !!!!!!! I do not share this info! I’m prepared and prepared to do whatever was crucial to win SB276's!

Susan Foster

Posted by: Louann Manwarren, R.N. – "It definitely wasn't vaccines because the vaccines were completely safe"

Whats up Dr. Kennedy,

I used to be asked if I might be prepared to contact you about my son Jacob's death. My son Jacob was very completely satisfied and comfortable – there was ALWAYS an enormous smile on his face. When he was just shy of 6 months, I took him to the pediatrician's office for a checkup and observed a change in him after receiving the vaccines. She was very embarrassed and cried / cried a few days after her vaccination.

I had requested his pediatrician about it and stated that this was normal and didn’t have to worry about it. I had also observed that he started vomiting virtually all of his compositions shortly after consuming – and was informed this was normal as properly. It nervous me although, and I had him sleeping upright on his swing because I used to be afraid to set him up flat for worry of suffocation and vomiting.

I observed that he was not falling over and making an attempt. to sit as he used to, however realized it was as a result of he hadn't felt properly. He slept more, and when he didn't sleep, he was very embarrassed and needed to maintain himself virtually always … which was very uncommon for him.

On Friday, November 11, 2011 (just some days after visiting his doctor) at about 11:00 pm he had explosive diarrhea and was considering taking him to the ER considering he may need obtained some type of virus, however then determined to wait and take him to his pediatrician after hours to the clinic the subsequent morning as an alternative of exposing her. to all the bacteria and illnesses within the ER (a choice I would like to attraction deeply). She fell asleep at 1.00 and awakened again at 3.00. I fed him and was in a position to vaccinate him again to mattress at about Four.

Throughout this time, my youthful son Zachary – who was Four years previous – awoke to Jacob's crying and needed to watch "Speed ​​Racer." I took them to my room and put Jacob in the midst of my bed (it was a queen measurement mattress) and Zachary was lying at the foot of my mattress so he might see my pc once I logged in to make Velocity ​​Racer play for him. 19659004] By the time I obtained to play it, Zachary had already fallen asleep at the bed and Jacob was still asleep in the midst of the bed. By then it was about Four:15 pm – I made a decision to lie down on the sofa so as not to wake them up. I awakened at 6 within the morning to use the toilet hooked up to the bedroom, however I didn't turn on the light because I didn't want to wake them up. I can tell from the sunshine popping out of the hallway that the 2 boys have been nonetheless the place they have been once I lowered them, but I observed that Jacob was making some weird noise.

I obtained down and picked him up and realized that he was making jerky actions. At that second, I appeared over and turned to the bed room lights and observed that his eyes have been turning again on his head and that he had a seizure in my palms. He also continued to make a wierd "huh, huh, huh" sound and I noticed that he was not respiration correctly. I panicked and ran over to the neighbor's house with him as a result of I knew his son had seizures and he knew what to do. He instantly took him from me, ran back to my house with me and informed me to call 911.

He was rushed to the local hospital area the place they did an investigation and located he had encephalopathy. From there, he was despatched to Doernbecher Hospital – a 2-hour drive by way of an ambulance. His condition worsened on his method there. There was an enormous swelling in his mind by the point we received there. I was advised he won’t do it all night time. Koko ajan kysyin, olisiko hänen rokotuksista voinut johtua siitä – koska olin huomannut kaikki muutokset hänessä hänen rokotteidensa jälkeen – ja minulle sanottiin “ei, rokotteet eivät ole haitallisia.”

Jacob teki sen läpi yöllä, mutta hän jatkoi huononemistaan ​​ja hänet julistettiin aivoihin kuolleeksi 72 tunnin kuluttua.

Minulle kerrottiin, että hän vaatii ruumiinavauksen kuolinsyyn selvittämiseksi. (Tässä vaiheessa oli otettu yhteyttä CPS: ään ja he ajattelivat, että olen ensin tehnyt jotain pojalleni.) Pyysin heitä testaamaan, onko kyse rokotteisiin liittyvistä ongelmista, ja lääkäri kertoi heille, kun tein pyynnön, että ”se on ehdottomasti eivät olleet rokotteita, koska rokotteet olivat täysin turvallisia ", ja hän kieltäytyi tilaamasta testejä.

Syöpää ei pystynyt selvittämään syytä – ja kutsui minulle puhelimessa sitä" SIDSin lähellä tapahtuvaksi tapahtumaksi ", koska hän todennäköisesti olisi kulunut unessa, jos en olisi löytänyt häntä, kun löysin.

Tiedän, että sen aiheuttivat hänen rokotteensa, koska SAAN hänelle muutokset melkein siitä hetkestä lähtien, kun hän sai rokotteet! Ja olen erittäin vihainen, koska joka kerta kun kysyin rokotteista ja hänen kanssaan tapahtuvasta, minulle sanottiin: "se oli normaalia" ja "se ei ollut rokotteita".

Poikani oli TERVEYS ja ONNEA ennen rokotteitaan. . Hän kä äntyi yli ja nousi käsiinsä ja polviinsa ja melkein indeksoi. Hän myös melkein pystyi istumaan pystyssä yksinään.

Kaikki tämä muuttui rokotteidensa jälkeen. Hän oli kiusallinen, hankala, itki, huusi, sylki ja oksensi melkein kaikki ruuansa joka kerta kun söi; hän ei enää noussut käsiinsä ja polviinsa eikä kaatunut; hän näytti turvonnut ja kurja. Sitten räjähtävä ripuli ja kohtaukset ja enkefalopatia … Tiesin, että sydämessäni tiedän – mutta en voinut saada ketään kuuntelemaan ja kaikki kertoivat minulle olevan väärässä.

Minulla on 6 vanhempaa lasta. Kaikilla vanhimmallani on POTS (posturaalinen ortostaattinen takykardiaoireyhtymä). Minulla on myös POTS (olen varma, että se oli peräisin rokotteista, jotka minun oli pakko hankkia sairaanhoitokouluun, pelkästään rokotteita seuranneen äärimmäisen kivun takia – tuntui siltä, ​​että pääni räjähti ja kaikki hermoni tuntui siltä kuin ne olisivat ollut tulessa tuntikausia, sitten sain massiivisia päänsärkyjä, jatkuvaa aivojen sumua ja lyhytaikaista muistin menetystä, keskittymisongelmia, hämmennystä, suurta väsymystä, ahdistusta, jatkuvasti tuntui kuin aion mennä pois, jne. .)

Poikallani Zacharylla on vaikea ekseema, ja hän viivästyi kehityksessä. Hänellä ja vanhimmalla poikallani on ollut vihaongelmia, keskittymisvaikeuksia, eivätkä he pääse hyvin ihmisryhmiin – etenkin muukalaisiin. Vanhin poikani Daniel, (jolla on nyt 15 POTS), kamppailee lyhytaikaisten muistihäiriöiden kanssa, ei pysty käsittelemään suurissa ihmisryhmissä olemista, ei pysty käsittelemään voimakkaita ääniä, hänelle on diagnosoitu ADD ja valittaa usein päänsärkystä ja nivelkivusta.

Kaikilla lapsillani syntyi haikara purema, ja epäilen, että heillä on MTHFR-geenimutaatio, mutta minulla ei ole ollut rahaa saada heidät testaamaan.

Vanhin lapseni, 17 vuotta vanha Stephanie, meni her pediatrician's workplace a few month ago because she had an higher respiratory sickness. Her doctor convinced her to get the Meningococcal, meningitis and HPV vaccines (WITHOUT my permission! I wasn’t there, I used to be at work).

Less than 2 weeks after getting the vaccines (which she solely JUST advised me about this final weekend, as a result of she knew how I felt about vaccines and knew I’d be upset) she instantly developed goiter, a number of swollen lymph glands and has now been referred to an endocrinologist and oncologist as a result of her doctor is suspecting either lymphoma or Hashimoto’s.

She is additionally having signs (reminiscent of problem grasping gadgets together with her proper hand, complaints of numbness in her ft, and so forth.) that tonight had me questioning if she has MS. She was not having these signs prior to those vaccines.

If any of this is useful to you, please be happy to contact me:
LouAnn Manwarren, RN

healing from vaccines ad

From: Paula Husovsky – Accident damage attorneys often have an inventory of docs they advocate… not vaccine damage attorneys

Pricey Dr. Kennedy:

Under is my Vaccine damage story. I shared it already with the meeting members on the well being committee.

I gave away my kidney to my greatest good friend who was recognized with lupus after receiving the MMR shot in school. I massaged her hand when she died less than 2 years after the transplant.

She had household and I massaging her limbs making an attempt to improve blood circulate. We fought like hell to hold her alive.

2 years after her death, my center daughter was severely injured from the hen pox shot which attacked her CNS and Kaiser left her for lifeless. I stored her alive by taking her to a non Kaiser ER virtually each night time for every week for IV fluids. I carried her into Kaiser crying and begging them to assist her through the day and then spent the nights in an area ER together with her.

My story is long. Dr. Jerry Kartzinel saved her. Under is what I sent the well being committee. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Type regards

—–Unique Message—–

Pricey Chief Marketing consultant Rosielyn Oulmano:

I’m writing you this e mail to clarify our household’s private story of vaccine damage and to encourage everyone on the Meeting Committee on Health to vote no on SB 276. I’ve two vaccine injured daughters with medical data to prove vaccine injuries.

Beneath SB276 they may not qualify for a medical exemption. We have been informed by two totally different docs from totally different counties and practices that yet one more vaccine would in all probability kill them. A type of docs has since left California, refusing to follow drugs here due to the changing legal guidelines. He SAVED certainly one of my daughters when our insurance provider REFUSED her remedy.

Please don’t forestall the superb docs, on the market on the front-lines, taking over instances most docs don’t want to take on (because many vaccine injured children are troublesome to work with), from helping our children get well and protecting them from future damage! No on SB276!

Under is our story. It is a very brief version. All the story is just too heart wrenching for some.

I’m a instructor and a mom of 2 vaccine injured children. Both of my daughters have been injured beginning with their first vaccines as infants. We had Kaiser Permanente as our insurance supplier. I trusted our pediatricians. I used to be previous that my daughters’ continual sicknesses have been due to being uncovered to the public and sick youngsters at college, and genetics.

My story of vaccine damage is an extended one. (This is the brief version.) I gave away my kidney August 29, 2008 to T.J., my greatest good friend from childhood who was vaccine injured and recognized with lupus. I held her hand when she passed away on April 12, 2010. She had a staff of docs and medical personnel making an attempt to save her as she didn’t need to depart her children behind.

She needed to reside at any value and died on life help with a room of her closest relations and associates massaging her arms and legs making an attempt to improve blood movement and praying for a miracle.

At the time, I didn’t know what had brought about her lupus. Her household didn’t consider the docs when the docs stated she had developed lupus from the MMR shot she had just acquired months earlier, her freshman yr of school. It wasn’t until my second daughter virtually died from the hen pox shot, that her family had advised me what the docs had stated about T.J.’s MMR shot inflicting her lupus.

July 13, 2012 I took my daughters in for Pop Warner Cheer physicals. My second daughter had asked not to get any vaccines that day. I informed her that we wouldn’t be getting any vaccines.

I had my children on a delayed schedule as they have been chronically unwell and the vaccines made them sick for days afterwards. Unfortunately, I allowed the pediatrician who was also the chief of pediatrics on the time, persuade me to giving every daughter one vaccine. My oldest acquired the meningitis shot and my second daughter acquired the hen pox shot.

On July 20, 2012 my second daughter awakened vomiting with extreme stomach ache. She was vomiting giant quantities of bile. I took her to Kaiser and Kaiser stated she had the stomach flu.

My daughter on the appointment stated it was from her hen pox shot. The physician and I both tried to persuade her in any other case. On July 22, 2012, she broke out with blisters and later her vaccine website injection in her left arm swelled and turned brilliant pink. There was no denying that the vaccine had made her ailing.

She had excessive insufferable stomach pain, she lost the power to even hold down water. She turned very weak. She stated she felt like she had weights on her legs and wasn’t in a position to walk. I repeatedly took her into Kaiser they usually wouldn’t attempt to help her. I referred to as two vaccine damage attorneys asking the place I might take my daughter for help they usually each stated they might not advise me.

Accident damage attorneys often have an inventory of docs they advocate… not vaccine damage attorneys. I carried my youngster into Kaiser begging and crying and begging for the docs to assist her they usually WOULDN’T!

That shot had attacked her central nervous system and Kaiser left her to suffer and die with out remedy! I stored her alive by taking her to an area ER that contracted with Kaiser. An ER doctor stated she wanted to be hospitalized, but defined that they didn’t have a pediatric unit and could not hold her.

The ER employees admitted she was severely injured, as her vaccine injection website was now swollen from that Varivax injection and it had turned shiny purple and she or he nonetheless had blisters. The ER workforce advised me that in the event that they transported her by ambulance to Kaiser in Riverside, more than possible, we might be left in the chilly in the midst of the night time, ready outdoors for someone to decide us up.

They informed me that they might maintain her, provide her with IV fluids, monitor her, and launch her to go house to me with the understanding that I convey her again to them again when wanted. AND that’s how I stored my youngster ALIVE! I begged Kaiser to assist her in the course of the day, and I took her to the local ER at night time for IV fluids for one week.

I referred to as MERCK on numerous occasions and begged Merck to help her docs. Simply so you’re properly aware I COULD NOT EMAIL MERCK REGARDING HER VACCINE INJURY!

I tried to use Merck’s website system to sort up a message relating to my youngster’s accidents, labeling the message as not being damage related…. and the system was in a position to determine that I used to be emailing them relating to a vaccine damage by the content material of my message; and consequently, the system would not course of it.

I asked to converse with a physician there to get advice on how to assist my baby. I used to be informed I couldn’t speak to their medical personnel until I used to be a medical professional myself. I requested Kaiser on quite a few events to contact Merck for options on how to assist my daughter and Kaiser refused! Kaiser informed me to go see a psychiatrist for her. I did, just so that I might rule out a psychiatric disorder, in order to get help from Kaiser.

The psychiatrist we saw, stated that if this was his daughter he would get some cash together and get her to a university hospital for assist. (I later acquired notification that that psychiatrist not contracts with Kaiser.) I referred to as UCSD and was referred to Rady’s.

We waited months to see specialists there. My daughter’s well being continued to decline as time progressed. I couldn’t work out why Kaiser was allowing this to occur and why Kaiser wouldn’t contact Merck for steerage. So, after an unsightly appointment, I researched Kaiser and Merck together and found exactly why.

Kaiser carried out the vaccine research research on the vaccine that Merck produced that nearly killed my daughter. Subsequently, Kaiser REFUSED her remedy so as to cowl up her injuries.

My father, an avionics engineer, took time off from work to assist my mother look after my daughter (as a result of it took more than 1 individual to look after her at occasions); so that, I might afford remedy outdoors of Kaiser for help!

My daughter’s physique couldn’t regulate her blood strain, her coronary heart fee or her body temperature. Her whole autonomic nervous system was damaged. (Be mindful, I watched my greatest pal die after giving her my kidney. She had a workforce of docs helping her and Kaiser left my youngster to die. I used to be devastated and determined to help my daughter. I lived off of a few hours of sleep an evening ensuring my daughter didn’t die in the night time and to help ease her ache. Her physique temperature would drop down to 94/95 degrees at night time, so I might stay awake and regularly heat up blankets and towels within the dryer to maintain her warm… that’s all they did for her within the ER for her dropping body temperature. Subsequently, I handled it alone the identical means they did in the ER for years!)

Rady’s offered some diagnoses. Rady’s didn’t deny that she wanted medical help. However, Rady’s couldn’t actually assist her either. I later discovered that Rady’s receives tens of millions of dollars yearly in donations from Merck. Rady’s offered weak assist. They made some essential diagnoses, but RADY’S FAILED TO COORDINATE CARE AND DEVELOP AND COMMUNICATE A RECOVERY PLAN!

*****Our academic system is held to a better normal to accommodate our nation’s children than the medical group!

We finally found a GOOD physician via Era Rescue who helped us start our path to restoration over a yr later. I carried my daughter in crying (story of my life), telling that GOOD doctor that I was apprehensive my daughter was going deaf and his response to me was, “Your daughter is in survival mode. If I can pull her out of this with a little bit of hearing loss, she is in good shape.”

I feel, throughout her second appointment with the GOOD doctor, he prescribed her a medicine that value virtually $1k. I took it into Kaiser and demanded that they fill it. Once they hassled me for seeing a non Kaiser physician, I very loudly shared my daughter’s vaccine damage story to the pharmacy representatives… loud sufficient for all of Kaiser’s shoppers sitting in the pharmacy, during flu season to hear.

Another mother approached me. Her daughter was recognized with Guillain Barre Syndrome after the flu shot. Kaiser refused her youngster help as nicely. The SAME TEAM of KAISER DOCTORS who denied my daughter assist, denied her daughter assist. That mommy had her baby hospitalized out of state and the out of state hospital would not launch her daughter again to Kaiser until Kaiser had a remedy plan in place. Sadly, that youngster was in worse condition than my daughter. It doesn’t finish there… As I stated, I am a instructor, parents of my students began telling me comparable tales.


KAISER PERMANENTE, the very group that’s in charge of getting these vaccines FDA permitted and available on the market and in cost of the submit licensure studies, is showing to SYSTEMATICALLY FAIL to report VACCINE INJURIES AND DENY CHILDREN HELP AFTER BEING INJURED FROM THE VACCINES KAISER HAS STUDIED!

My daughter nonetheless suffers from insufferable pain. She broke out with shingles in her ear canal from that shot at the hours of darkness. She developed an auditory processing integration disorder. It broken her optic nerves! She’s being monitored for eye disease… Her optic nerve perform is now beginning to show signs of enchancment, however the results of her final check are nonetheless dangerous. I worry she is going to still go blind at a young adult age.

After we began paying hundreds of dollars outdoors of Kaiser for assist, Kaiser agreed to do some testing on my daughter. One Kaiser doctor recognized my daughter with a extreme hostile reaction to the vaccine in October 2012.

At the time she informed me that each one of my copays should have been waved. I referred to as member providers at Kaiser and complained. That doctor was disciplined for her analysis and she or he had to retract it at our subsequent appointment together with her.

But, she advised me to grasp on… that the other docs at Kaiser would ultimately come to the belief she was severely vaccine injured. I booked appointments at each Rady’s and Kaiser making an attempt to hold everybody trustworthy. I used to be paying out of pocket for help at Rady’s, so I tried to get Kaiser to do some diagnostics so as to get monetary savings.

Between misplaced wages and out of pocket medical bills, my credit rating tanked. I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. (We’ve got by no means acquired any monetary help for help for her. She doesn’t gather social security. She doesn’t qualify for medi cal. Due to the amount of medical fraud dedicated, her vaccine damage case was dismissed within the vaccine courts.)

Kaiser not only appeared to proceed to commit medical fraud, however it seems they committed medical battery as nicely. They tortured her.

One instance, is once they eliminated an ENTIRE lymph node from her neck claiming she had lymphoma. The ENT who performed the surgery lied to me concerning the biopsy results.

The lab data confirmed that my daughter had benign reactive lymphadenopathy with cuticle dysplasia, indicating an autoimmune illness. Vaccines are designed to create an immune response and typically they over stimulate the immune system. That is my daughter’s story.

Under is Jennifer Robi’s lawsuit towards Kaiser for medical fraud, medical malpractice, and medical battery due to her injuries sustained from the Gardasil vaccine that Kaiser ALSO STUDIED!

My daughter noticed between 4-6 audiologists at Kaiser that stated nothing was flawed with my daughter’s hearing. One technician yelled at my daughter for enjoying with the chords on her headset throughout her listening to check. My daughter cried.

My daughter advised me that she couldn’t hear anything and was bored. The neurologist at Kaiser stated my daughter’s motor expertise have been normal. The varsity district ought to know that the docs at Kaiser have been failing to precisely diagnose her situation. Because… the varsity district paid for its personal audiologist to are available and assess my daughter.

The audiologist employed by means of the varsity district, recognized my daughter with a large discrepancy between left ear and proper ear perform, problems with word discrimination, and auditory processing integration disorder…. AND the varsity district had to provide OT providers because my daughter had misplaced the power to hold a pencil to write with.

She had great handwriting in 1st grade. She lost her capability to hold a pencil or reduce with a pair of scissors in 2nd grade after ONE VACCINE on a DELAYED SCHEDULE! AND the district is at present paying for her to have a 1:1 aide to assist her handle her ache at college OVER 6 YEARS LATER!

My daughter continues to earn honor roll each semester and she or he in a complicated math class…. She works extraordinarily exhausting to hold her grades up, as she additionally complains of reminiscence problems! She studies for hours each evening and on the weekend.

In addition to pain, my daughter will get dizzy and lightheaded, she gets heart palpitations, and she or he has exercised induced chest pain during PE…. that not one heart specialist from Four totally different children’s hospitals can clarify. She wore a coronary heart monitor for every week and was recognized with sinus tachycardia.

The alarms on the guts monitor went off non stop, even when she was simply sitting on the coach or sleeping. I was advised not to fear about it, it was NORMAL. Her ache is horrifying for her at occasions. We nonetheless don’t have solutions for many of her illnesses. The varsity district is constant to assess her and improve more providers. She is going to be receiving assisted know-how helps next faculty yr.

Vaccine damage shouldn’t be rare…

I’m not going to go into detail about my oldest daughter’s injuries. She is an grownup now and it’s her story to tell. I’ll tell you this… her IQ score is estimated to be over 2 deviations above the norm and her vaccine accidents have made her life fairly painful and difficult at occasions. I’m a instructor and have witnessed how vaccines are crippling some of our most clever children.

I’ve been educating over 15 years. When my second daughter turned very sick in 2012, I switched grades and moved down to kindergarten.

I had previously taught kindergarten at the start of my career. Switching again to kindergarten was an enormous wake up call. 15 years ago, we might have had one baby with severe behavioral challenges in all the faculty, then it elevated to 1 per grade degree… now we’ve a number of college students with behavioral challenges per classroom.

Aluminum in the vaccines cause motor neuron injury, which leads to behavioral deficits.




The medical group is constant to vaccinate our students, however is failing to diagnose developmental delays. I THOUGHT THE ENTIRE REASON FOR TAKING A CHILD TO SEE A PEDIATRICIAN WAS TO HAVE THE CHILD MONITORED FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AND TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE AND HELP FOR CHILDREN IN NEED, not just inoculate them!

I have had more than a couple parents of my college students tell me that they have been concerned their children had autism. They stated that their pediatricians informed them that the varsity district would diagnose autism.

Positive enough, later I acquired a visit abstract from Rady’s for my second daughter, stating that if I was concerned my youngster had autism, to notify my youngster’s faculty. I shared that letter with my daughter’s IEP group and all my co-workers. Then a pal of mine acquired the identical statement in his son’s visit abstract paperwork.

Apparently, academics at the moment are extra outfitted to diagnose developmental delays like autism the pediatricians benefiting from pharmaceutical dollars.

Merck has a historical past of donating tens of millions of dollars to Rady’s yearly.

Our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM is being left with this HUGE D I S A S T E R created by the MEDICAL COMMUNITY and our POLITICIANS (like…Senator Pan) to repair! The faculties are scrambling to meet all the wants of a whole era of VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN! In case you’re unaware….

In California, scholar enrollment has dropped throughout the state, reducing ADA, and the special schooling enrollment has dramatically increased, inflicting a huge price range deficit. Under are links to the committee hearings that passed off in California final yr.

Paula Husovsky

From: Raja-Nee Randolph – I felt as if my soul had left my body

Zedikiah Xavier Issa Randolph was a sweet and completely happy baby boy. He was my candy and completely happy child boy!

He had lovely huge brown eyes that you simply might see from a mile away, a cry that was tender however carried when he would cry, and a smile that might have you hooked. Zedikiah was an angel, he was my angel, and now he’s my angel in heaven.

My being pregnant with Kiah was far from straightforward. I worked up till the day we scheduled my induction, I suffered chronichyperemesis gravidarum my complete being pregnant, together with hypertension, and having hassle sustaining weight.

I did a pure delivery with Zedikiah so to finally be previous all of that and to finally have him in my arms was one of the best second of my life. It was certainly one of my happiest moments. I used to be pleased I made it by way of, I was completely satisfied I didn’t hand over. After 9 months of what felt like misery and a endless story, my king Zedikiah Xavier was right here and that was the biggest present of all.

Zedikiah was born on September 27th, 2018 at 9:55pm. He was 5lbs, 15.5oz and 18 inches lengthy. He had long, curly black hair and those massive brown eyes.

He didn’t cry after I had him. I keep in mind him wanting around quietly, observing every thing within the room and everybody round him. I had to be induced with Kiah because my docs have been seeing a decline in his progress within the womb.

He was born perfectly wholesome, no problems during/after labor, no signs that he would develop issues, and so forth., just a
healthy, glad, handsome child boy.

Throughout our transition from the hospital to again residence, things have been still going nicely. I used to be breast feeding Zedikiah, we have been working on creating a schedule for once I went again to work (which would be November 1st, 2018), and studying to modify with a new child and two youthful ones.

Zedikiah didn’t like to sleep on his again, so he slept on his abdomen since start. His dad has a tough time respiration when he’s laying/sleeping on his again and should sleep on his abdomen. We couldn’t get that found out with Zedikiah, but he would cry nonstop on his back till he was placed on his abdomen. The transition was tremendous straightforward, and Zedikiah wasn’t a troublesome baby in any respect.

After getting located at house, Zedikiah had a comply with up appointment together with his pediatrician on 10/02/2018 the place he then weighed in at 6.1lbs and was 19.0in lengthy. He acquired his verify up and off we have been, once once more displaying a wonderfully wholesome and growing Kiah baby.

From that point on, we labored on finding the correct feeding schedule and getting ready for me to return to work. On 10/16/2018, I took Zedikiah to his second newborn screening.

The appointment went very nicely, with him weighing in at 7.zero lbs. and standing 21.20 in tall! It felt good to know that he was progressing and getting greater every time we went in!

He once more passed with a clean invoice of health and handed his new child screening check, once more! He was doing so good and I used to be so pleased with him, and of me! I might see him rising every day. I might see the modifications and progress daily.

Once I went back to work a month after Kiah was born it was one of the hardest issues I had to do. I work 8-10 hours a day, often 5 days every week, but typically more. I spent most of my time with Zedikiah in the morning before work and at night time after work. His father was a stay at house dad, as we’ve got a 2-year-old who isn’t in daycare/faculty.

The week earlier than Zedikiah handed, my mother, stepfather, and my two younger siblings got here to go to. It was their first-time meeting Zedikiah and his older brother Zamir. My household fell in love with Zedikiah. We had an superb time; it had been a long time since my family had received together.

We went out and had household day, we went and took family photographs, and enjoyed our week together. My family headed back residence on Sunday, 12/09/2018.

That following Monday, 12/10/2018, I took Zedikiah to his appointment that morning. He weighed in at 9.zero lbs. and was 21 in tall.

He had no chilly, no infections, and handed with a clear bill of well being. I used to be asked if he would be vaccinated and I responded “yes.”

I held Zedikiah down as he screamed in pain. He acquired the DTAP-HIB-IPV combo, Rotateq, and PCV 13. Zedikiah cried in my arms as I held him whereas we waited 15 minutes to be okayed to depart. He then fell asleep within the automotive and slept a lot of the remainder of the day.

Over the subsequent few days, I observed Zedikiah’s nose had started operating and his eyes have been beginning to look glossed over. He started to sleep rather a lot extra, principally by way of the day until he was being fed.

I worked 9:00-5:00 pm a lot of the week, so he was together with his dad in the course of the day and I would take over once I acquired off work.

I didn’t pay much attention to it until after he handed but Zedikiah had not made a bowl movement since his appointment, and he would often have about two or three a day. The night time of Zedikiah’s passing, I acquired off work at my normal time and Zedikiah was sleeping. I woke him up at 7:00pm to feed him a bottle. He stayed up till about 9:00pm after which turned fussy so I laid him down and he went to sleep.

His father and I stayed up watching tv for a bit and checked on Zedikiah sometime around 1:00am. We ended up falling asleep on the other couch Zedikiah was on.

Often he would get up for a bottle around Three:00am. I keep in mind considering in my sleep, “Zedikiah must really be tired.” I keep in mind a voice telling me to examine on him, twice.

I keep in mind waking up and taking a look at him, at this level, he was dealing with the opposite means, so I assumed he was still sleeping and I went again to sleep. I figured he would eat when I received up to get ready for work. He’s drained I assumed, so let him sleep.

My alarm went off at 7:30am and I obtained up to feed Kiah. I picked him up and I instantly knew one thing was fallacious. His physique was stiff, so stiff and chilly. I put his face up to mine and it was so blue. My baby was a darkish tone and he seemed sky blue.

I felt my heart drop into my abdomen. I felt as if my soul had left my body. I screamed his father’s identify s loud! I screamed “ZEDIKIAH IS DEAD. WAKE UP, HE’S GONE!”

WE referred to as 9-1-1 and waited 12 minutes for them to arrive. That whole time I held Zedikiah and I cried, I screamed out in ache. I knew he was gone. I knew it was too late and that harm so dangerous. I knew he was gone.

The medics took Kiah from me when they arrived and commenced CPR and took him to the hospital. At 8:11am, they pronounced him lifeless and my heart ripped aside. That day modified my life perpetually.

I learn over Zedikiah’s post-mortem report. His reason for death is “undetermined.” His post-mortem states “He had delicate inflammation of his lungs in step with viral an infection (Rhinovirus Infection). Zedikiah was not sick through the time my family visited or once they left.

He should be here at present, and I gained’t surrender on discovering him answers. I do know NOTHING WE DID was the cause.

Raja-Nee Randolph

Learn the complete submit on Dr. Robert J. Rowen’s Fb Web page

Touch upon this article at VaccineImpact.com.


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