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"I have exposed one of the largest frauds in America, and it is still in hiding"

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John P. Thomas
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This is the other aspect of the story of Sharon Kramer, the Army Warrior, the bold truthful and compassionate good friend of those that have been sick of moldy buildings.

In the first article, we discovered how two garbage reviews on rubbish have been created and how they have been used in authorized areas throughout America to deny claims that have induced mould injury to water our bodies in broken buildings.

how Sharon Kramer tried to disclose the insufficient science in the stories produced by GlobalTox by the American School of Occupational and Environmental Drugs (ACOEM) and the Manhattan Institute.

We discovered how GlobalTox and Dr. Bruce Kelman, one of the GlobalTox toxicologists who have written articles, and responsible of Dr. Kelman and not responsible of guilt. GlobalTox.

We discovered about uncommon occasions that occurred throughout this trial and consequently, Sharon Kramer determined that he was framed by a libel to maintain him quiet.

This text describes the story of Sharon Kramer

The primary half of Saga is out there here:

One of the unimaginable truths of a lady as a poisonous mould reflector

Sharon Kramer's quotes from this text have been taken from interviews I did together with her on January 30, 2019 and 12. February 2019. The studies have been sent to me by e-mail

  Sharon Kramer 2

Sharon Kramer.

Void judgments on the check

The start line for Saga, extending from Sharon Kramer's 2008 conviction at this time, in 2019, started with what is referred to as an invalid judgment.

An empty judgment is a courtroom determination containing lacking info or errors. 9659003] Although Sharon was discovered guilty of one bill and was not guilty of different chapters described in the Decide's Statement, the ultimate half of the findings does not explicitly mention these information.

The profitable celebration is entitled to return the costs from the dropping celebration. Which means Dr. Kelman was entitled to receive legal prices from Sharon Kramer, and Sharon Kramer was entitled to costs from GlobalTox

. After the trial, Dr. Kelman's lawyer submitted an inventory of prices to the courtroom, and the courtroom ordered Sharon Kramer to pay Dr. Kelman over $ 7,000.

Sharon Kramer introduced that Dr. was related to GlobalTox and his own litigation. Because of this he is now anticipated to pay the costs of GlobalTox trials, regardless that he has conquered them.

Following the Libel trial, Sharon Kramer began to symbolize himself in courtroom. He has been working for greater than ten years to rectify a null judgment

At one level, in 2009, the decide agreed that he was entitled to compensation for some of his costs towards GlobalTox, however the decide did not take motion to rectify the unique judgment.

Thus, the errors in the unique judgment stay and he is still unable to train his proper to collect prices from GlobalTox.

Sharon Kramer stated:

The Courtroom of Attraction dismissed an invalid judgment that didn’t say I used to be conquered.

When a courtroom makes such a mistake, what they need to do is to recollect and resend their sender. This is a legal instrument utilized by the Courtroom of Attraction to switch jurisdiction to the decrease courtroom.

But they might not keep in mind and resubmit their sender and right this authorized error, not even stating that that they had used a null judgment to suppress the proof that Kelman had achieved flawed and made evil, and that they dragged me into a libel.

They couldn't do it with out noticing that that they had made a whistleblower.

Grievance to the California Judicial Commission

Sharon Kramer said:

25. October 2010, I filed a grievance with the CJP of California describing the strengthening of legal affairs and the hiding of the courts, which I consider to be Kelman's injustice in my trial

The CJP is supposedly an unbiased California state agency to supervise the ethics of all judges.

I also lodged a grievance on-line because I needed individuals to see what was occurring. Partly this additionally made me really feel safer.

After ten days, Dr. Kelman left me with another trial making an attempt to completely invite me to speak about corruption.

I acquired a grievance to end the case and as an alternative of stopping, they tried to completely invite me to inform about it.

This is a message they needed to take out of the network:

Is California's Case Management System (CCMS) mistaken in apply in politics and litigation… ..and the California taxpayer's fleecing Mould Difficulty?

Their purpose for this requirement was that I used to be in civilian regulation because it violated the short-term ban on the libel trial. They stated I could not re-publish the phrases "changed his sworn statements."

Decide Nugent gave the order that my workplace would come down or go to jail for indirect contempt

. the menace of compulsive imprisonment, which meant that I might be put in jail if I didn’t do what the courtroom has given me.

I had not committed any crime. Nevertheless, the Courtroom thought-about that I had breached the guidelines of civil regulation.

My posts have been revealed on Sick Buildings and Katyn Exposure.

Kevin Carstens, owner of and Crystal Stuckey of Katy's Publicity, delivered statements to the judgments saying I had no opportunity to determine what their web site would come from and refused to take office. Both ready authorized responses to demand.

Kevin Carstens Declaration

Crystal Stuckey's Declaration

Sharon Kramer stated:

So Kelman's lawyer and decide Nugent informed me I needed to sign a sentence containing a sentence, "I don't believe Dr Kelman's forgiveness."

I refused to signal.

So it was determined to go to jail. I had to spend 15 days in jail.

They gave me after 2 days and they took me to Decide Nugent.

I had a jail, no makeup and no chains.

Decide Nugent tried to drive me to sign the false paper containing the statement that I don’t consider Dr Kelman's forgiveness.

Menace of Dedication to the Psychological Church for Analysis

Sharon Kramer stated:

My husband had acquired the wind that I had delivered to Decide Nugent this morning. He and my mother and sister have been there for hearing in the Chamber. I feel in the event that they weren't there, the courts would have spent me in a psychological church.

The rationale why I consider (in half) was that normally when individuals seem in courtroom and that they’re released from prison, they’re taken again to prison and released.

Once I stated "No, I don't sign" – I was not sent back to prison. My clothes had been delivered to the courtroom home, and I used to be launched there.

Once I obtained residence, I went to the Web and observed that once I was in jail, my civilian fraud had damaged right into a legal's contempt, and I had an abuse now.

The significance of this alteration was to permit me to take me to a psychic church for analysis, they might have needed to prosecute me beneath Felony Code 1368. I'm pretty positive they deliberate it.

Throughout the failure of Decide Nugent's hearing, I used to be approached by a lawyer whom they decided to help me. I've by no means favored him for my recommendation, but they tried to get him to my advice.

I acquired him to rise up and sit in the audience. The stage was set – I had a legal charge and they tried to ensure I had authorized illustration.

Once I acquired residence and discovered a felony contempt cost, I put forward a proposal that might guide the Sheriff's Division to take away the fallacious felony report

The Sheriff's Division took 6 months to remove it. They stated they couldn't do it. It was not just a native legal document; it additionally went into the FBI report.

Sharon Kramer didn’t go silent after his jail

Sharon Kramer stated:

Then I stored the weblog about what they did. So Kelman's lawyer left one other obligation, saying that I ought to disapprove of not being silent about what they did.

At this level I wrote a letter to Decide Nugent, saying that I might not seem in the courtroom again – you’re a felony and a liar and I’m afraid of my life.

Then I submitted to the Commission a second authorized action to verify the instances. It is fascinating that this grievance is not in my attraction file. My attraction file has been cleaned up.

There was by no means something completed to verify the case, except that Decide Nugent lost his courtroom for 20 years and all of a sudden moved to downtown San Diego and made mediation until he retired.

Trial for Permanent Injunction

Sharon Kramer stated:

The trial for a permanent order occurred in June or July 2012 and I didn't even attend.

The courtroom gave me a permanent ban that may forestall me from repeating the word "changed his lighting statement".

Consequently, they acquired another judgment towards me and Kelman acquired $ 19,000 in costs.

Improvement of nervousness dysfunction

Sharon Kramer stated:

I developed nervousness disorder throughout this period of harassment. As a result of they did the overture, as they have been going to take me to the psychological congregation, in order that I might mentally evaluate me, I went to see a psychiatrist.

He was an apartheid informant in South Africa. He wrote a story about how I had a generalized nervousness disorder as a result of he was cast and slipped into courtroom.

In reality, I had a generalized nervousness disorder. You possibly can tell me that I still have it because once you speak to me, I get somewhat accelerated once I speak about it. It still does not hassle me just because so many individuals are hurting this, however there is a worry that if I am not silent, they may hurt me.

Motion translates Sharon Kramer's Vexatious Litigant

Sharon Kramer stated:

In 2013, Kelman's lawyer made a suggestion that I should hold a malicious dispute.

If somebody is thought-about impatient, the individual can’t depart the courtroom in California with out first having a $ 25,000 bond. Because of this if I had determined to take motion on my part in the state of California towards all these individuals, I might have needed to send a $ 25Okay bond.

The motion was rejected with out prejudice. Which means the motion is still on the head. In any case, if I needed to convey an action, the courts might solely bounce in and declare me an ardent celebration.

This is for people who file lawsuits all the time. This is one other approach in which the courts misuse power.

Renewal of Judgments towards Sharon Kramer

For judgments to remain viable and the resulting liens to remain viable and proceed to receive interest, they have to be renewed each 10 years. With a view to be redesigned in California, they have to be supported by an electronic case file.

Sharon Kramer stated:

Thus, in February 2018, Kelman's lawyer tried to renew the invalid judgment of 2008. However his request was not accepted as a result of it was not supported by a case file that was invalid [incomplete and with errors].

In June 2018, I acquired the North County Data Unit, which returned a fraudulent entry to the digital file. The brand new entry added info on September 24, 2008.

The deceptive sign tells us that Kelman had gained and received costs.

Kelman now has an curiosity in house ownership, which exceeds $ 33,000 for two analysis costs.

In November 2018, Kelman used a special lawyer with experience of actual ownership of GlobalTox. Then GlobalTox pointed it to Veritox.

I’m type, that I worry retaliation, as a result of I introduced that the county courts have changed the report. I'm afraid that this new lawyer will attempt to call these pledges and I might find yourself being homeless.

Junk Science Fraud Is Still Hidden

Sharon Kramer stated:

It has been a really heavy burden for me for 14 years to know that I will reveal one of the largest fraud in America and it is still hidden

I'm not joking once I say that I reside my life in worry each day until the affirmation of Felony Affairs in San Diego, which keeps the fraud going, is public.

Courts are people who find themselves supposed to guard residents from crime and injustice. As an alternative, they’re people who commit crimes to maintain injustice once they see it.

I sincerely consider that my body for libel was half of a deliberate plan to decide to insurance coverage fraud all over the United States and it is deliberately meant to cause people who are sick and need assistance so that they can’t get it. Individuals are lifeless here.

CDC still does not speak about the fact about Mould

Sharon Kramer stated:

The US CDC now recognizes that bronchial asthma and respiratory illnesses could be brought on by water injury, however they continue to finance false concepts in American School of Medical Toxicology (ACMT).

They finance these individuals to share info with docs all over the country and with medical organizations. ACMT continues to promote Veritox's garbage science, and CDC won’t stop funding them

ACMT used things like "there is no evidence of mycotoxins …" They have now stopped saying such things.

still doesn’t exceed and say, yes, it is true that folks experience these signs that indicate toxicity after exposure to buildings in water injury.

Legal menace

Sharon Kramer appeared to Decide Maas on 5 October 2018 with a proposal to clear the sentence that Dr Kelman was capable of renew after the county courtroom had added an out of date word to the electronic case data

He complained that this was a fraudulent change official courtroom report.

Without this modification, Dr. Kelman would not have been capable of obtain the 10-year sentence of 2008 for Sharon Kramer and retain his property.

Sharon Kramer stated:

I do know this sounds strange, however I really like Decide Maas

. We talked about how I used to be imprisoned for refusing to mislead Kelman. How did I develop nervousness disorder in 2012 with relentless affirmation. It's a fraud. The file does not help his preliminary choice. How he never considers me to be a poisonous social gathering. How might I complain about my determination if I used to be not glad – what I might never do because I used to be simply going again to the main case.

It makes his word much more scary. They came up with a warning to be in the weblog about it or can be chargeable for something greater in the food chain – more than a small courtroom decide who is intentionally fascinating and who doesn't get me.

Decide Maas stated to me: "I decide only vähäpätevä. You have to stop running a blog about what Michael Garland did ”.

[Sharon Kramer had blogged about the case fixing and the void judgment that Deputy Clerk Michael Garland created in her 2008 libel trial.]

Ultimate Remarks: Sharon Kramer's anti-corruption work is his legacy

Sharon Kramer stated:

This concern should have been closed in 2005 before my libel trial started. The courts ought to have understood that Dr. Kelman and the GlobalTox libel go well with was a SLAPP go well with and Kelman tried to shut me. But it was not closed in 2005, and it grew and grew and grew.

I paid almost $ 300 to submit an article on the Oregon Mould Check [1] on PR Net. I did it as a public service. [This announcement contained the 5 words that were the basis of the libel suit against Sharon Kramer.]

I by no means remorse the value of litigation and all the heartache.

I acquired an article on the Wall Road Journal in 2007 on junk science as a result of Kelman challenged me. [2]

I acquired a federal GAO audit to research authorities policy stating that it is probably that the inward type could also be injured. Although their conflicts of curiosity have been eliminated in their 2008 last report, it gave individuals at the very least a chance to battle. [3]

My comment has appeared in many news articles concerning the inclusion of ACOEM on the website online of the mould evaluation. [4]

I truthfully consider that there is no lawsuit in the United States that does not mention some of my research on private work.

If I have been to die tomorrow, I all the time know that I’ll not have closed the deal altogether, however it made so much of difference.

Learn half of the story of Sharon:

One of the unimaginable truths of a lady toxic Mould Whistle

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Do you have continual inflammatory reaction syndrome? How Junk Science and Corrupted Judges disguise mould toxicity

About the Writer

John P. Thomas is a Health Impression News health scientist. He has B.A. Psychology from University of Michigan and Grasp of Public Well being (MSPH), Division of Public Health, Division of Health Administration, North Carolina, Chapel Hill


[1]] ”The jury finds a poisonous mould of a wounded Oregon family. Arbitration is not binding, 'Sharon Kramer, 03/09/2005

[2] "Amid Suits Over Mold, Experts Use Two Hats", David Armstrong, Wall Road Journal, January 10, 2007.

[3] "US. GAO – Internal Molds: Higher coordination and more consistent tips for well being impression research improve federal efforts ”, revealed September 9, 2008.

[4]” ACOEM Mould Assertion ~ Ding, Dong! Wicked Witch is DEAD! ”Sharon Kramer, Katy's Publicity, 2/20/2015

Revealed March 14, 2019

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