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Smooth composition of Nano technology. Human brain with microcircuit and metal gears. Hand adds microchip to human brain.

John P. Thomas
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Beforehand, I wrote the frequency of nanotechnology and terahertz on the armed properties of radiation. As explained, these two methods might be mixed to undermine health, create disease, and management our minds. See:

Can Nanotechnology and the brand new 5G community turn out to be the world's strongest weapon system?

In response to this article, one of the readers asked this query:

I had used this oral aerosol and found it to be effective towards amalgam mercury and brain mist and removing the skin tumor. Nevertheless, it is clearly nanotechnology. Is there any good and dangerous nanotechnology? Can anybody explain this obvious contradiction? I've finished utilizing in the mean time until I get clear answers. Thanks. [18]

This can be a drawback with nanotechnology in a nutshell

It's very straightforward to get nanotechnology into our bodies, however the human physique has hassle eradicating it and preventing it from accumulating. [1, 2]

The immune system has been weakened by steady bombardment with chemical compounds corresponding to glyphosate, which contaminates virtually all of our foods, including natural merchandise. [3] These chemical compounds remove essential minerals from our bodies and injury the traditional bacteria in our intestines. [2] Normal human microbial gut is the first house of our immune system.

When we improve the stress brought on by steady publicity to at least one thousand totally different radio and microwave frequencies, our our bodies proceed to deteriorate so that they can’t respond successfully to the penetration of nanomaterials. Consequently, nanotechnology, which is programmed to perform certain tasks, can perform relatively freely inside us. [2]

Though nanotechnology is intended to be used, reminiscent of when added to a drug, supplement, skin care product, processed meals, or sprayed on crops raised by farmers, it’s nonetheless very troublesome to remove it from the physique.

Nanotechnology may also be destined to be broken, corresponding to when sprayed into the environment above the Earth. On this case, it is designed to secretly create bodily lethargy, to stop psychological clarity, to offer a mechanism to find out the programming of thoughts control, to control human DNA and to stimulate illness formation and early demise. [4]

Regardless of the desire of nanotechnology, it embeds itself day by day in our bodies and builds networks in us with a pseudo-life type or synthetic biology. [5, 6] It's not just inert small spam that just sits there, however it fulfills its activity of assembling itself into buildings that carry out the features of the materials that program the supplies. [2]

The issue is that when nanotechnology enters our our bodies, brains, cells and even modifications in DNA, exceptional measures have to be taken to remove and remove it.

So even nanotechnology, which is meant to be good will ultimately turn out to be part of the toxic area in our physique, and it’ll develop into one thing we need to assist our physique get rid of.

The precautionary precept has been ignored by the state and business

The US government and business that develop and promote nanotechnology products do not cover the precautionary principle

They do the other – prepare and sell first after which research later – much later.

Nationwide Nanotechnology Initiative

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) has compiled leading nanotechnology leaders from 25 US state businesses that coordinate government.

In 2011, NNI [7] revealed an environmental, health and security analysis technique aimed toward guiding the protected improvement of nanotechnology. They did not conduct safety analysis – they solely developed the definitions of nanotechnology and made recommendations for danger evaluation. [8]

In fact, NNI is worried about nano safety because it is considered one of their priorities to persuade the general public that we shouldn’t care for nanotechnology. [8] They depend on their definitions and tips to maintain us all protected.

Despite their NNI task, public well being and safety are targeted on supporting research and improvement of latest merchandise. [9, 10]

Are authorities businesses satisfied that nanotechnology is protected?

US government regulators say:

The National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOSH) focuses on its concern for the security of staff dealing with nano-materials. In this approach, they understand the nano:

Occupational well being dangers related to the manufacturing and use of nanomaterials will not be but clearly understood. Minimum info is presently obtainable on the predominant exposure routes of nanomaterials, potential exposure ranges and material toxicity.

Studies recommend that some nanoparticles can transfer from the respiratory system to different organs. Research additional understands how these distinctive qualities can result in particular health results. [11]

In different words, they do not understand the risks, but give the workers the opportunity to deal with the supplies anyway.

The National Natural Program (NOP), which screens natural certification packages, makes these statements in its Nano identify Reality Sheet:

NOP does not contemplate nanotechnology to be primarily benign or harmful.

As with different substances, no technically manufactured nanomaterials may be used in natural manufacturing and processing until the substance is: 1) requested to be used; 2) Revised and really helpful by NOSB; and 3) added to the nationwide listing by the use of notices and feedback. [12]

In other words, they sit on the fence and contemplate business requests when they are completed. They don’t seem to be going to draw a line within the sand and just say "not in organic foods."

The National Institute for Environmental Well being Sciences (NIEHS) states:

Nano-sized supplies (ENMs) manufactured from small measurement have distinctive properties that can promote electronics, prescription drugs and different fields. Nevertheless, though ENM has many promising benefits, we know little or no about their potential impression on human well being and the surroundings.

Recognizes that technically manufactured nanomaterials (ENM) are increasingly being utilized in everyday merchandise corresponding to prescription drugs, cosmetics, sunscreen products, clothing and electronics, the NIEHS has developed a multidisciplinary federal analysis strategy to explore this rising business. Because of these activities, researchers can design nanomaterials which might be each revolutionary and protected for commercialization. [13]

In different phrases, they know that nanotechnology is already used in most industries, and they are starting to develop a plan to review health and questions of safety.

US Geological Survey has investigated snails and different aquatic organisms. They stated:

USGS researchers investigate the linkages between bioavailability and toxicity of a contaminant, especially in aquatic organisms exposed to metals and metallo-nanomaterials via answer and eating regimen. The purpose is to improve understanding of the physiological and geochemical processes affecting biological accumulation and toxicity.

ZnO nanoparticles injury digestion, although it was not clear whether or not toxicity was because of the high Zn dose achieved with the nanoparticles or the ZnO nanoparticles. Further research on publicity to nanoparticles in food would tremendously benefit from the evaluation of ecological and human well being dangers. [14]

In other words, it appears that evidently some nanomaterials are an issue with snail, so there’s trigger for concern for human well being. The federal government is investigating snails, but not the long-term results on people.

The US Meals and Drug Administration (USFDA) has products that use nanoscale materials. In accordance with the FDA:

Since this report was revealed [in 2007 by the Nanotechnology Taskforce, the]the FDA revealed a variety of steerage documents on subjects associated to the appliance of nanotechnology to FDA-regulated products. Steerage paperwork do not create or give any rights to anybody, nor do they bind the FDA or the public, however they symbolize the FDA's current considering on the topic.

Business remains answerable for making certain that its products meet all relevant statutory requirements, together with safety necessities, regardless of the development of know-how related to the manufacture of the product. [15]

In other phrases, regardless of what the FDA thinks of nanotechnology, it’s up to the personal business to evaluate the security of individuals in the nano merchandise they manufacture or use. It isn’t a FDA drawback or concern.

As a result of the pharmaceutical business shouldn’t be capable of protect the public from vaccination and the failure of telecommunications corporations to protect us from the harm brought on by microwave radiation, do we have the slightest purpose to consider that nanotechnology producers are protecting us from damaging the nano?

To be truthful with the US authorities, it has funded almost 500 nanotechnology analysis since 2010, but I’ve not seen any restrictions on the advertising, gross sales or use of nanotechnology. some studies show dangers to animal well being. [19]

Chemtrails Geoengineering Spraying Program Safety

In addition to industrial, agricultural, cosmetic, processed meals, and nanotechnology medical purposes, US state businesses say they are learning, I have to marvel concerning the unknown quantity of nano. substances injected by the US government all through the nation by way of its chemtrails, also referred to as geoengineering. These spraying packages work without public management. So far as anybody knows, no hostile well being results have been investigated to stop harm, despite the fact that the US authorities may need carried out secret investigations to determine deliberate injury.

We don't know the entire record (nano and bigger) that’s injected into the environment. This is something that falls to us and farm fields day-after-day after chemtrail spraying:

Over the past decade, unbiased chemtrails testing throughout the nation have proven a harmful, highly toxic brew that features: barium, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF] radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, dried blood, mould spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene bromide and polymer fibers. Barium may be in comparison with the toxicity of arsenic. (four)

Barium is understood to adversely affect the guts. Aluminum has been broken by brain perform. Unbiased researchers and laboratories are still displaying the size of those toxins. A couple of 'anonymous' officials have admitted this spraying of an aerosol in progress. [1]

Earlier articles on this matter:

Synthetic clouds and geotechnics: public exposure to toxic chemical compounds

End result forecast: geotechnics and world domination

Covert Chemical Geoengineering Packages – A Real Menace to Public Well being

Non-Control Nanotechnology Danger Evaluation

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingier's analysis paper "Chemtrails – Effects of toxic metals and chemical aerosols on human health" and writer of the guide. Target disaster, commenting on the issue we are dealing with immediately.

Late Dr. Perlingieri died in mysterious circumstances in 2013 [16] shortly after the release of this info. He stated:

… there are three major routes the place nanoparticles can enter the human physique: inhalation into the lung system; absorption by way of the pores and skin; digestive tract. It ought to be careworn that inhalation publicity is a serious concern for the well being effects of particulate nanomaterials, and specific attention is paid to learning the consequences on the respiratory and cardiovascular methods.

Skin exposure can also be essential. Nevertheless, healthy skin has a better barrier perform compared to the respiratory tract, though this barrier perform might be limited by pores and skin lesions, extreme mechanical stress or small nanoparticles (<5-10 nm).

As a result of measurement results, smaller particles can diffuse quicker within the air than their bigger counterparts and may go under the airway. In addition, it’s troublesome to take away nanoparticles from the physique as a result of they’re recognized to cross the mucous membranes.

Potential well being results embrace: respiratory inflammation (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema); lung cancer; neurodegenerative illnesses (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease); cardiovascular results and coronary heart disease; liver most cancers; Crohn's illness and colon cancer. [1]

Read Dr. Perlingier's Full Report:

Chemtrails: The Effects of Poisonous Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health

A number of researchers continue to develop early warning nanotechnology

These researchers will not be in government businesses, business research laboratories, or university analysis centers . They perform research on their private laboratories

They work onerous to reveal the reality about nanotechnology and develop methods that folks can use to protect themselves. These researchers increase very critical considerations based mostly on empirical remark and scientific literature on nanotechnology properties and manufacturing processes.

These scientists have witnessed great injury in the lives of women and men – not in concept, however based mostly on private observations that have suffered from the dangerous results of nano poisoning.

In line with unbiased researcher Jean Bryan Pelletier, when the levels of nanotechnology turn into too excessive in the human body, they develop quite a lot of symptoms of the illness and could be poisoned with toxic substances.

Nano substances are very small, however when ranges accumulate, they will finally reach a toxic threshold the place an individual could be stated to endure from "nano poisoning." [17]

Lately, I interviewed certainly one of these scientists – Tony Pantalleresco from Canada, and I asked him specifically to share him and his colleagues have documented the influence of nanotechnology and high-frequency microwave radiation on human health.

The interview targeted on the steps we can take to protect

Mr. Pantalleresco is part of a small group of researchers who threaten their lives by revealing the dark aspect of these technologies used by industrial and secret government packages.

Each Tony Pantalleresco and Jean Bryan Pelletier (AKA Bryan396) have been targeted for injury brought on by the appliance of those methods and have been suggested to help different targeted people

They perceive the risks of know-how and the risks posed by the hazards that develop the darkish aspect of know-how. [17]

Eliminating Nanotechnology from the Body

Many of us might need to hurry up and take instant action to wash up our nano-spam from our our bodies, but there could also be dangers until the method is handled correctly and systematically.

Anybody could make unique suggestions at any time. Everyone concerned ought to start with these three steps.

  1. Scale back New Publicity to Nanotechnology by Changing Edible Food, Consuming Water, Cosmetic and Pores and skin Care Merchandise, and
  1. Creating Natural Physique Defenses and Cleansing Paths by Taking Few Mineral Additives.
  1. Protect your self by decreasing exposure to WiFi and different frequency sources that activate nanotechnology in your physique and weaken your immune system

The final part of the method have to be executed earlier than detoxifying the current load of nanotechnology.

  1. Skip present nanotechnology in the physique. If deprogramming just isn’t accomplished before cleansing, nanotechnology won’t come out and it could truly change extra strongly. The small print of this are explained in the following article

Limiting New Exposure to Nanotechnology

This part focuses on limiting new publicity to nanomaterials in food, water, skincare products, medicines and meals dietary supplements.

These suggestions are unpopular, and some might even call them ridiculous till we cease and think about all the nano-materials presently utilized in agriculture, and hundreds of thousands of tons of nanomaterials that have fallen over the agricultural sectors and even our gardens for many years

Key reality: It is unimaginable to flee exposure from Nano materials, but we can limit our publicity with our decisions

Common directions for products with labels: Don’t eat food or use any skin care product, drugs or additive , which indicates that it accommodates nano-ingredients corresponding to nano-silver, nano gold, nano-titanium dioxide, nano-silica. (19659003) Long-term health risks are more likely to be much greater than any short-term benefit. Needless to say nano is straightforward to place into your physique, nevertheless it's very troublesome to get out.

Special instructions for meals

The most important source of nano-exposure we breathe within the air is from the food we eat and from consuming water. Consequently, a person who is worried about minimizing the consumption of nanomaterials might should make new decisions relating to food and water.

Tony Pantalleresco begins with a warning about grain. He announced that the grains might include nano. So he advises to eat grains as a result of nano can’t be eliminated. This consists of pseudo-grains corresponding to quinoa, millet, buckwheat, spelled, barley, oats, rice, and so forth.

In fact, grains usually are not a problem. The issue is the place they’ve been grown and what has been dropped or sprayed on them.

Grains cultivated in america and Canada are contaminated with nano and glyphosate, though they’re organic. Rising crops in distant areas far from the US and using organic farming methods can check glyphosate [3] and should not include nano-concentrations in the USA with steady chemtrail injection.

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

Eat only root-based vegetables. Don't eat vegetables that have grown above the ground – they are uninterested in the core with their nano. [2]

Tony Pantalleresco explained to me that nano substances are transported to plant cells and cannot be washed away. Thus, leaf blossoms should simply be prevented until they’re grown indoors. Even the roots have to be peeled thick earlier than cooking.

Tony Pantalleresco continued:

There’s little good fruit. Citrus is likely one of the few that doesn’t have high nano saturation. All of the berries are shot. There isn’t any one that suits to wear. [2]

Tony Pantalleresco gives this process for nano-removal from recent berry juice:

I asked Tony Pantalleresco: Is it suitable for eating meat and eggs?

All the things is contaminated with nano, whatever you eat – natural, typical, and so on. Hen, beef, lamb, whatever – I might say you possibly can eat – but make sure you eat the saturated fat of those animals.

They are contaminated, however they have at the very least filtered lots of nano so that you gained't get a full 100% hit for those who go out and decide up and eat a bit of the piece of the backyard.

Nano will get into the meat, however no less than with the meat I can still filter it by taking sulfur or trisodium phosphate, which binds to the nano of the meat before it has the power to determine itself. [2]

I requested Tony Pantalleresco: Are you saying that a weight-reduction plan consisting of animal meat, eggs, animal fats and really small quantities of vegetables and fruits is the safest various eating regimen?

I eat such a weight-reduction plan – I stay.

That is one of the best weight loss plan we are going to go on, but they are already working to remove the meat from the system by bringing this factor referred to as CRISPR, where they make meat from the laboratory. Consuming is completely suicidal. It's as dangerous as consuming greens in the present day which might be being cultivated within the subject because of genetic contamination.

CRISPR is already utilized in food provide. It isn’t registered or marked as GE or GMO even whether it is.

It or its regulation is just not restricted. They don't even should inform you that it is there. It already impacts many individuals by removing their genetic code.

With this activation on the frequencies of those towers and cell phones and what it does not activate any programming that’s fed to that meals. And individuals are increasingly dangerous.

Our era could be the final to know what meat tastes. [2]

Special directions for water

I requested Tony Pantalleresco: What is the most secure form of water

The only two water I inform individuals to drink are distilled or reverse osmosis. I don't care about minerals or anything – I take a look at the purity of water. These are just two choices that scale back nano by 95%. Until you have got a filtering system on the nano or pekoe degree, you gained't pull all the things. The only factor higher than distilled and reverse osmosis is double distilled. [2]

I requested Tony Pantalleresco: Is water contaminated with drilled wells with Nano?

Research of those water techniques showed that they have been loaded with micro organism and fungi that can’t be filtered repeatedly by filtration. There are also different impurities, reminiscent of pesticides from farmers' fields or industrial waste, and subsequently I only help RO or distilled water. [2]

Within the following article

The next article discusses meals that can strengthen the body's nanotechnology and frequency radiation, mineral additives that can be used to strengthen the physique towards nanos. Used to attenuate spectrum radiation exposure and know-how that can be used to remove present nanotechnology in the physique earlier than removing it.

Concerning the Writer

John P. Thomas is a health impression news. He has B.A. Psychology of the University of Michigan and Grasp of Public Well being (MSPH), Department of Public Well being, Department of Public Health, North Carolina, Chapel Hill


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Revealed Might 20, 2019

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