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Key question: Do nanotechnology actually

Business Analysts The conservative calculation for 2017 exhibits that the marketplace for nanotechnology is $ 90.5 billion by 2021. [1]

The second report anticipates the growth of nanotechnology at $ 173 billion by 2025. [2] [1965932] [1965900] The important thing question: Can nanotechnology work like Pseudo Lifeform?

Nano-materials are by definition more than small particles and also have unique properties that haven’t been present in bigger particles of the identical material.

One of many Key Options

Listed here are a couple of videos that specify this in additional element:

Nanotubes Gather! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis

from Lab to Fab: Pioneers in Nano Manufacturing

Key Query: Can I See Proof of Nanotechnology?

You can see a single nanoparticle that is just a few billion meters in measurement and it can stand up to a microscope that can enlarge objects up to 200,000 occasions. Because the nature of nanoparticles is self-assembling, it is a lot simpler to see the buildings which might be created.

Nano buildings can be seen on human skin, food, and clothing with much less magnification. Actually, a 60 x microscope or greater can be used as proof of nanotechnology. [3]

I interviewed an unbiased researcher, Tony Pantalleresco, a natural drugs from Canada that has studied the dangerous effects of nanotechnology for almost eight years. [3, 8]

He stated:

Individuals are confused. Whenever you converse 1-50 nanometers – they undergo every part. You can't see it – it's already there. It gathers into the body and builds what they call a top-down, upward-looking configuration, the place it connects and types a community and expands.

If it's on the floor and it's over 100 nanometers in measurement you can see 60-X width in artificial mild. In pure daylight you’ll not see it because of the key know-how.

nano-wires I pulled out of the physique. I might see a small portion of the yarn, but once I turned the lens in another way, I might see the complete extent of the yarn. I pulled what appeared like a small level my nostril and I had a 4 inch long fullereenikierre. [3]

The next slideshow accommodates many footage of nanotechnology:

Nano slide present

Key query: What is the relationship between 5-G and nanotechnology?

Merely put, 5-G is an influence supply that permits nanotechnology in our body to carry out certain duties

Nano materials have been programmed to assemble and build, but when 5-G is absolutely used and when ever greater terahertz frequencies are used, nanotechnology is able to stimulate Neurological activity and emotions, it can also transmit info and receive instructions from 5-G units situated every 100 meters away. [4]

Key query: How can we protect ourselves from 5-G and nanotechnology?

I interviewed Canadian herbalist and researcher Tony Pantalleresco for advice on this concern. He and his colleagues are creating methods that folks can use to defend themselves within the struggle towards nanotechnology, 4-G and 5-G radiation.

Additionally they take a look at the development of even larger frequency technologies in the terahertz frequency range that is flat for human health. [3]

The rest of this article describes a few of the ways we can protect ourselves from a technological assault on human life

Can Minerals Protect Us From Nanotechnology And Frequency Publicity? 19659005] In a previous article, Tony Pantalleresco discussed dietary proposals aimed toward minimizing the consumption of nanotechnology. See:

5G and Nanotechnology: How do we protect ourselves?

Food plan emphasised meat, saturated fat from animals and eggs. Very small amounts of root-based greens or fruit may be eaten. In addition to this eating regimen, he advisable a number of mineral dietary supplements.

Tony Pantalleresco said:

Should you eat principally meat merchandise, need zinc and copper, and iodine renew glands

The most important factor that I’ve seen that has made the most important change within the biofilm dismantling and upkeep of the immune system much more than copper and zinc , is copper and zinc chloride. . Any chloride, which offers access to the system, goes a great distance in the direction of the within of the cleansing.

Such issues, that are described at this time as dietary dietary supplements, are the word handicraft. They tell us the reality, however they distort the truth in that fact.

For instance, you can take far more copper than they inform you. 2 mg power does nothing. It's not going to poison you. I have taken 20 to 30 occasions greater than the RDA suggestion for more than 4 years, and sit up for additional negative effects.

For those who take 30mg of copper and 30mg of zinc, this produces giant amounts of SOD, which produces a excessive degree of glutathione, which helps the super immune system to purify the nano. [3]

 Essential oils eBook

What about defending herbs?

Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco stated:

At this time, herbs haven’t any effect ten years ago. Nano closes sure DNA strands from crops that have real elements to regenerate and restore the body.

I have a bonus. I’ve a picture before and after. Once I was youthful, within the 1960s and 70s nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements really worked. Should you get sick, you went to the well being food store and took some additional supplement when in a number of days you got here to what was happening in your body and went on a trip.

As we speak, individuals spend lots of and a whole lot of dollars on vitamins and diets and other things, and they do nothing however cash. They have been informed how good this stuff are and they might have been good prior to now. [3]

Deactivating Nanotechnology Programming

It is rather essential to take away nanotechnology earlier than utilizing cleansing procedures!

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

The most important factor it’s a must to do is to disable it. If you do not deactivate it and hit it with direct pressure, it modifications its morphology – it creates its own defense mechanism and becomes something utterly totally different from what it’s. It is going to stay in its directive, however it is going to be impenetrable.

Do not use units like Rife, Spooky, Zappers, Tens machines – this stuff do nothing but cause the nano to broaden its network even quicker.

For example, we had a lady who was a targeted individual we warned of not using these units. He ignored our warning and hit himself once with one in every of these frequencies (Spooky) and exceeded exponentially his complete neuro network.

She couldn't sleep. He couldn't work. He had biofilm ranges that have been out of the map. He finally died after two and a half years of wrestle. He was terrorized as a focused individual. He was attacked on frequencies and tried.

We advocate soaking your ft and legs in a nano-bucket or entire physique in a tub with a nano triangle to program nanotechnology. In consequence, the nano releases, so the physique can flush it. [3]

Anti-Nano Bucket and Anti-Nano Triangle

Tony Pantalleresco gives free instruction on anti-nano bucket and anti-nano triangle.

An anti-nano bucket is shaped by wrapping a copper wire outdoors the 5 gallon plastic bucket. The bucket is filled with vinegar, water, salt and oil. Ft and ft are soaked in a bucket. Via the wires, a DC charge is introduced that creates a calmly pulsating area that disassembles the nano programming in the body. The nanoparticles are released and assembled in oil on the prime of the vinegar / water combination.

The bucket accommodates 2 elements distilled vinegar in 1 half water and 1/Four cup salt (extra salt for those who can deal with it) and 1 teaspoon oil. Discard After One Use

The anti-nano triangle consists of magnets and wires wrapped round a triangular shape to supply a triangular coil. The pulsating direct present passes via the triangular conductors when immersed in a bath with water with an individual.

Water incorporates ¼ ​​cup of these substances: trisodium phosphate, Epsom salts, borax and baking soda. Optionally, you can add 1 capsule of DMSO or 20 drops of essential oil or each. [8]

How Do These Units Deprogram Nano?

Tony Pantalleresco explains:

They create a DC electrical pulse. We use a DC energy supply to create a area in a bucket or bathtub. Some energy sources have a cut-off mechanism through which they change on and off. This creates a mini-electromagnetic pulse (EMP). EMP overloads the programming of nano materials and wipes it clean for some time.

The thought is that the sector hits the programming from which it comes off, then with out the programming of nano supplies, there might be only inert nano-materials, comparable to nano-metal, which can then be easily flushed out of the body. The tender pulse of the sector first releases the programming that’s designed to build, construct and network.

One other thing you do is collision with nano supplies. Nanoparticles are at 1 nano-second – they don't contact each other. They know where to go and how one can go. They know what part of the equation they match, and they fall into place. When assembled, they do not disturb one another. In the intervening time you make them contact each other, they take themselves out

You might have substances which might be three occasions more durable than a diamond and a hundred occasions stronger than a metal with a cost. Once they contact one another, it's like an enormous explosion in the nano world. When two collide, it has a detrimental effect on the network through which they’re. It's like a Domino line. You level one and a hundred of them fall. [3]

What modifications do individuals expertise when utilizing these units?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

If you begin to scale back your nano load, you begin to see that the kidney space has again ache. You’ll start to see ache within the hips and decrease limbs drastically.

You start to see the visual and the religious intensifies once more. [3]

How many occasions does a person want a bath before the results are?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

Some see the outcomes virtually immediately, others take months or two.

For people who are heavily loaded with nanos, I recommend doing 7 spas in in the future. Whenever you take away the nano layer, the subsequent layer will appear. They take a half-hour tub, come out, empty the bathtub, meet the bathtub and repeat the method.

That is for people who find themselves actually onerous kernels. I had individuals who couldn't use clothes due to the nano-saturation of the skin – these individuals are often on the west coast. [3]

Manufacture of Anti-Nano Units

See the instructions on this video for manufacturing a nano-bucket:

Making an Anti-Nano System


See this hyperlink with written directions for manufacturing nano-buckets:

AntiNano control technique

See this hyperlink for a nano-triangle:

(directions start at 4 minutes video.) [19659011] Anti-Nano Triangle

What about Detox Collection? – They work on Nano?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

Many detox packages bought in health food stores really unfold nano. They improve the strain on the colon

Oral Sodium thiosulphate can be taken detoksiin. When using sodium thiosulphate, you must recharge some kind of fermented milk product or probiotic micro organism and mineral.

Sodium thiosulfate isn’t discriminatory. All the things comes out. You can see nanotubes, chips, robots, interviews. [3]

The following hyperlink describes methods to use sodium thiosulphate:

Utilizing Detox with Sodium Thiosulphate (STS)

Protects Four-G, 5-G, Wi-Fi and Other Wi-fi Units [19659005] These are some things that we can do to scale back publicity sources beneath direct control.

  1. Don’t improve to a 5-G smartphone. The 5-G towers take 5-G all through the day.
  1. Reduce using all forms of cell phones. Don't carry them in your body. Flip them all out at night time.
  1. Get Rid of Wi-fi Phones – Change to Cellular Telephones This consists of wi-fi baby screens.
  1. Eliminate wireless Wi-Fi routers – substitute wired Ethernet connections and wired routers
  1. Stop using microwave ovens. They leak radiation.
  1. Change sensible meters to older analog meters for electrical energy, fuel and water.

Though we are still free to make previous decisions, we can’t flip off 4-G and 5-G broadcasters that push frequencies into our houses 24 hours a day, and we can’t take away the sensible meters or Wi-Fi units from our neighbors that ship their alerts to our houses

These are some concepts that may provide help to develop a plan to scale back frequency exposure if you can’t control sources.

Tony Pantalleresco summarized the perfect choice for fixing this drawback. He stated:

With a view to stop the frequencies without coming, you must be the frequency that goes to satisfy it. [3]

He is at present creating a reasonable method that can be used to break down frequencies coming into dwelling spaces. Plans for the manufacture of such units will not be but out there. In consequence, I asked Tony Pantalleresco to speak about present options.

Does Shungite Have to Return or Put a Label on a Cellular Telephone Protect Us?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

They're not working. 19659009] You can watch it this manner. Suppose you might have a very massive piece of shungite on the dimensions of the telephone rail. And someone hits you with a 4-G or 5-G signal that goes into that shungite as a result of it acts as an antenna or receiver because it’s a carbon molecule and it attracts this frequency. It doesn’t imply that you do not get hit, nevertheless it means it’ll hit you.

Shungite is actually a carbon C60. [It is highly conductive.] When individuals apply it to their pores and skin, they strengthen the alerts of the setting and transmit the frequencies to the body. I was the primary to say that using shungite for cover was a farce.

They even tried to get individuals to drink these things. Once they drank it – it left the brain, which might make the mind extra receptive to frequencies. This is about advertising and gross sales. [3]

What about bed canopies designed to stop frequencies?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

They’re efficient for the point. We now have hundreds of different frequencies each day. These they designed to stop them. The frequencies that can get by means of can get by way of. You have to have multiple protection.

In my bed room there’s an aluminum defend that is grounded. My bed is grounded. I’ve coils all over the place and a number of different methods. You need multiple factor to cover the wide selection of frequencies we are dealing with in the present day.

Taking some sort of bed protection, aluminum safety, iron safety, the protection of copper around you goes a great distance in the direction of decreasing the smaller frequencies. This takes a number of the cells and DNA. [3]

What about defending yourself from 5-G

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

When we speak about 5-G, will probably be around 90 gigahertz – a lot bigger than most people assume. It's simply brainwashing.

Take a look at the Millennium. They are loaded with nano, they haven’t any immune system to speak, their bodies are in a state of good compromise

When something 5-G reminds them, their weight loss plan molecules are separated by hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen molecule further condenses on the terahertz frequencies to further injury the mitochondria. They haven’t any defense;

People who eat more dietary fat – animal saturated fat – are protected. Saturated fats present protection around the cells, which signifies that more frequencies are required to disassemble the bubble [so to speak].

Finally, the cells still endure injury, nevertheless it protects, eats fat, eats meat utilizing sure antioxidants and enzymes goes a great distance in preventing injury and offering the materials the physique needs to repair and restore ADP, mitochondria and DNA.

Where I reside in Canada, 5-G is already on. Road lights embrace 5-G units. We've already suffered from 5-G. If you go to one of many grocery stores and you might have hit facial recognition packages – the 5-G system. So we need to hit it somewhat.

When individuals are attacked on these frequencies – in the event that they don't have a well being base, as I just described, you see them just literally crumbling. [3]

What about protective clothes?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

It might work, nevertheless it has limitations. I exploit copper safety beneath the T-shirt. I checked out some protective clothes, but frankly none of us can afford it. Protected underwear is $ 200 and underwear is $ 150.

I will present individuals find out how to make a transportable earth the place the strap is a copper wire around your ankle, run the line up into your skirt and attach it to the zone. It creates a drain impact. If your physique gets hit, it releases power. It gained't cease it – it’ll permit it to crash.

This needs to be carried out. You can’t embrace these costs as a result of it causes further injury at the mobile degree.

These are easier issues and extra reasonably priced ways with out utilizing a second attachment.

Finally, we need lead safety when we walk outdoors, because that’s the solely factor that stops this much. With the current progress fee, it’s going to quickly be dangerous to go out.

You may assume that it's plenty of hogwash – "there's nothing going on there" – nicely they haven't absolutely launched a 5 G system yet. [3]

Conclusion – "Smart Cities" Need "Intelligent People"

Those that are planning a future plan for "smart cities" to combine all digital units and all modes of transport into a worldwide network controlled by 5-G energy.

In fact, they do not cease there – but prolong the scope of their synthetic intelligence (AI) community to human lives. They’re making an attempt to turn us all into "smart people".

They use 5-G to activate and generate power for nanotechnology in our physique and mind. [4, 5, 6, 7] They use this technique to regulate actions, management our thoughts and influence our feelings within the hope that we will turn into all "intelligent people."

They use this mix of methods to create a sense of satisfaction with the "minds and hearts of intelligent people", even if they haven’t any cause to smile

They train intelligent individuals to hate anyone who does not take part within the "smart city" organizing power.

They permit intelligent individuals to spoil free thinkers, particularly those that need to eliminate nanotechnology and restrict their frequency publicity.

They awaken "intelligent people" to destroy all who don’t take part in the "smart" philosophy of life – "Everybody for the better!"

The day will come quickly – very quickly – when each of us has to determine whether or not we are going to be one of many "smart people" who depart the "smart city" to the authority or are a type of who reject the "smart" plan and reside with the free thoughts and coronary heart.

God helps us all who choose freedom!

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How can we protect ourselves from 5-G and nanotechnology?

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Concerning the Writer

John P. Thomas is a Health Influence News well being scientist. He has B.A. Psychology from University of Michigan and Grasp of Public Well being (MSPH), Division of Public Health, Division of Public Health, North Carolina, Chapel Hill


[1]] “Nanotechnology sees great growth in products and applications, reports BCC Research”, GLOBE NEWSWIRE, 1 / 17/2017.

[2] “The global nanotechnology market is worth $ 173.95 billion by 2025,” the Analysis, Know-how and Forecast Report 2016-2025 ”, Business Wire.

[3] I interviewed Canadian natural Tony Pantalleresco on 26 April 2019 by Skype and confirmed this assertion. He’s an unbiased researcher learning nanotechnology and frequency radiation in wi-fi technologies

[4] SmartDust Video, Smartdust Nanotechnology, 5G, Venture Cloverleaf Geoengineering, Thoughts Control; Ascension Weight loss plan, 14.1.1919. or https://eatingtoascend.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/smartdust-nanotechnology-5g-project-cloverleaf-geoengineering-mind-control/

[5] “Intelligent Dust – Unintentional Treatment in the Future” Public, ” Wakingtimes, 1/18/2017.

[6] "Spray-on antennas open up future communications," Phys.org, September 24, 2018.

[7] "Nanotechnology designers are planning an infinite computing device," Nanowerk Information, 10/27/2016.

[8] “Two Buddies Who Know Something When Speaking of Nan with Suzanne Maher Of Bye Bye Blue Sky, November 2017.

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