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Fetal DNA impurities are found in Merck's measles vaccines

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Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D.
Sound Selection Pharmaceutical Institute

My identify is Dr. Theresa Deisher. I Sound Selection Pharmaceutical Institute founder and chief scientist, whose mission is to teach the public safety of the vaccine, in addition to to place strain on manufacturers to offer the general public higher and safer vaccines.

I acquired a doctorate from Stanford College in Molecular and Cell Physiology in 1990 and graduated from the University of Washington. My career has been used in the business biotechnology business, and I've accomplished the work of primary analysis and discovery and medical products via medical improvement.

I write untreated scientific details about impurities in fetal DNA in the measles-mumps rubella vaccine, which have to be communicated to the legislators and the public.

Merck's MMR II vaccine (in addition to chickenpox, Pentacel and all Hep-A-containing vaccines) is produced on human fetal cell strains and is closely contaminated with human fetal DNA from the manufacturing process.

The levels of our youngster might reach up to 5 ng / ml after vaccination, depending on the age, weight and quantity of the kid. This degree is understood to activate the Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9), which may cause autoimmune assaults.

Illustrates the autoimmune capability of very small amounts of fetal DNA, think about this: the work generates child's fetal DNA that accumulates in the mom's bloodstream and triggers the child's large immune system. That is the workforce.

It works like this: fetal DNA fragments [i] are current in the pregnant mother's serum from a baby about 300 base pairs. Once they reach Zero.46-Zero.08 ng / ml in serum, they provoke labor by way of the TLR9 mechanism [ii]. Corresponding blood concentrations are 0.22 ng / ml and three.12 ng / ml.

Fetal DNA concentration in a toddler after being injected with fetal vaccines reaches the same degree that triggers the mom's autoimmune rejection.

Anyone who says that the vaccine's infectious fetal DNA is innocent does not know anything about immunity and Toll-like receptors, or they don't tell the truth.

If fetal DNA can trigger labor (naturally the specified autoimmune response), these similar ranges of vaccines can set off autoimmunity in the kid.

Fragmented fetal DNA contained in vaccines is analogous in measurement to ~ 215 base pairs. [iii]

That is direct organic evidence that impurities in fetal DNA in vaccines are not at low danger. They are a very robust hearth effect.

The administration of human fetal (primitive) non-self-DNA fragments to a toddler might produce an immune response that additionally cross-reacts with the kid's personal DNA because contaminating DNA might have overlapping portions that are similar to those of the child. your personal DNA.

Youngsters with autistic issues have circulating antibodies towards human DNA that would not have autistic youngsters. These antibodies might be involved in autoimmune attacks in autistic youngsters. [iv]

In a current research, Duke University demonstrated that vital enhancements in conduct have been observed when youngsters with autism frequency issues have been handled with their very own bleeding autologous twine [v].

This remedy clearly demonstrates that the majority youngsters of autism don’t develop with it because genetic illnesses comparable to Down syndrome or muscle fibrosis can’t be handled with autologous stem cells.

Subsequently, environmental triggers or triggers that are brought into the world in the 1980s when autism started to rise have to be recognized and eradicated or lowered in the setting.

  • There’s a robust point-to-point correlation between rising autism and the US vaccine manufacturing change from animal-derived cell strains to rubella vaccine in human interrupted cell strains in the late 1970s [vi].
  • The early change of place of autistic disorder (AD) was decided in California and the USA in 1981 earlier than the method was changed to:
    • In January 1979, the FDA authorised a rocovirus virus production change from animal (high-viral, HPV-77, grown in e.g. Duck embryo cells) to human fetal cell line WI-38 using RA27 / Three. virus strain [vii]. Both the newly accredited monovalent rubella vaccine and the trivalent mumps, measles and rubella vaccine use the WI-38 fetus cell line for the preparation of rubella vaccine.
  • Before 1980, spectrum disorder of autism was a really rare, virtually unknown disease. Based on CDC figures, the number of autism in 2014 was 1 in 59 youngsters, which is a really steep improve since 2000 when it was 1,155. , $ 9 billion (US $ 2011) [viii]. ”
  • Just lately, overlaps and de Novo depreciation have been recognized in as much as 10% of straightforward autism frequency interferences that enhance environmental influence. Genetic Issues of Autism Spectrum [ix].
  • The MMR vaccine rubella half accommodates a human derived fetal DNA contaminant of about 175 ng, greater than 10 occasions the advisable WHO threshold of 10 ng per vaccine dose [x].
  • No other drug available on the market can be accredited by the FDA with no thorough toxicity profile (FDA complies with worldwide ICH tips) -> The pharmaceutical business by no means did it for DNA contamination in the MMR vaccine.
  • Vaccines produced on human fetal cell strains include cell particles and contaminate residual human DNA that can’t be utterly eradicated in the course of the downstream purification process [xi]. As well as, DNA shouldn’t be solely characterised by its sequence (ATCG) but in addition by its epigenetic modification (e.g., DNA methylation pattern, and so forth.). This decoration could be very species-specific, which is why non-human DNA is eradicated, though this is not essentially the case for human fetal DNA

Spraying our youngster with human fetal DNA impurities poses the danger of inflicting two established pathologies:

] 1) Elevated mutagenesis: Fetal human DNA accommodates youngster DNA that causes mutations. Gene remedy using homologous recombination of a small fragment has shown that as low as 1.9 ng / ml DNA fragments result in the insertion of stem cells into the genome from 100% injected mice [xii]. Ranges of human fetal DNA fragments in our youngsters after vaccines containing MMR, Varivax (chickenpox) or Hepatitis A vaccine are reached above 1.9 ng / ml.

2) Autoimmune Illness: Fetal human DNA triggers a toddler's immune system to assault its own body.

Further contamination: retroviral contamination.

Human endogenous retrovirus Okay (HERVK) is a contaminant of measles / mumps / rubella vaccine [xiii].

  • HERVK could be re-activated in people [xiv]. It encodes a protein (integrase) that specializes in integrating DNA into the human genome.
  • A number of autoimmune illnesses have been associated with HERVK activity [xv].
  • Additionally it is the MMLV virus used in the same retroviral family because the gene remedy check, where inappropriate gene insertion (insertional mutagenesis) led to later somatic mutations and most cancers in 4 of the 9 young boys [xvi]. Subsequently, it’s potential that the HERVK gene fragment in the MMR vaccine is lively, encodes an integrase or envelope protein, and thus has the power to induce gene insertion by selling insertional mutagenesis and autoimmunity.

The presence of both high-level contaminating fetal DNA and HERVK contamination in the MMR vaccine is an plain danger with monumental results and risks for the individual and public well being.

Answer: Strain is transferred back to the rubella vaccine from animal cell line, as was efficiently completed in Japan :

  • Based mostly on the reside attenuated rubella virus Takahashi strains produced in rabbit kidney cells. One dose of this vaccine has just lately been proven to take care of immunity for at the very least 10 years when the rubella was underneath regional management [xvii].
  • Shared MMR vaccine for three individually provided choices like Japan.

The MMR vaccine manufacturing course of must be modified to right and get rid of the above dangers to the public.

Thanks in your consideration. I shall be completely satisfied to answer any questions you’ll have concerning the above.

Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D.

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