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Connie Reguli, Tennessee CPS Attorney, was arrested for defending her mother's constitutional rights in the proper process

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Lawyer Connie Reguli, who defends family rights. Photograph: Fb.

Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Influence News

Lawyer Connie Reguli turned to Tennessee's Brentwood authorities at present (July 17, 2019) after learning to arrest his arrest. He was launched the similar day without any ensures together with his personal identification.

Lawyer Connie Reguli is well-known for health news readers and He’s the director of a regulation agency in Tennessee and in addition the founder of the Household-Ahead Venture, which advocates for the rights of oldsters and youngsters nationwide in instances of child abuse and care.

is usually a nationwide speaker and educates legislators on issues associated to household regulation and youngster welfare. He has been pursuing a regulation that defends the constitutional rights of oldsters for over 25 years.

Yesterday, he acquired a telephone name telling him that his arrest was justified and inspired him to turn to himself as an alternative of the police storming his office or residence to arrest him

Raymond Schwab, a army veteran and father who was tortured In Kansas (his personal youngsters), he was invited to Regul and was interviewed for his night time.


Lawyer Reguli begins by saying that he has:

by no means violated the regulation and was by no means arrested. I am a 67-year-old, I by no means had a DUI was … never been one felony prosecution.

And here we’re, as a result of I tried to get an older proper process, which suggests announcement and the opportunity to be heard.

At a current session in Tennessee before the committee responsible for baby care providers in Tennessee (DCS), the lawyer Reguli says:

I informed them that this technique is so damaged and that the rights of the mother and father are being violated, that no one can stand up to them. There isn’t any management, no one is wanting for their shoulder.

I've been a lawyer for 25 years. I do know the regulation. I know what the constitutional rights of the mother and father are, and I have been on their behalf spike

Reguli explains that his legal case related to syytteeseensä around the core is the DCS utilized by ex parte laws in order to take the youngsters out of the house if an emergency does not exist and typically they don’t also have a legitimate judgment that the decide has signed to do so. The Ex parte order won’t be heard until the baby or youngsters are faraway from the residence.

  Wendy and Connie

Lawyer Connie Reguli (right) together with his shopper Wendy Hancock.

she represents a mother in Dekalb County, a small countryside about an hour away from where she lives. He has recognized and represented Mom Wendy Hancock for several years

. They have gone to high school and pulled their youngsters out of the class and disturbed him.

In 2015, once they got here after him, I represented him in courtroom they usually rejected the case by e-mail. I mean, once I received the case and stated they have been in violation of the structure and had drilled him to get me to document and put it on the hearings, they emailed me and stated it was rejected.

2017, nevertheless, they claimed that they started to disturb the mom again.

This time I referred to as a DCS employee on the telephone and recorded it. I saved it, and I stated "Deedee", Deedee Miller, that she is her identify, Deandra Miller, I stated, "I want you to know that I represent this mother and you won't call her again. Call me."

And she or he goes: " I don't think I can talk to you, "and he hangs on to me.

I despatched this recording to our Facebook group, The Household Forward Challenge, and I pointed out that this is what I want to speak to a DCS worker when you will have suggested me.

It was claimed in 2018 that another mom, Wendy Hancock, was relocated and Reguli once once more tried to cope with the employee, but this time she didn’t even ask her to go away with the division on behalf of the shopper and current her the "security plan" he says isn’t controversial.

As the investigation had begun, Reguli referred to as the search.

I say "don't talk to my client He said, "Okay."

He requested the police if he wanted to find out about the emergency. No. "This was on Friday, August 10, 2018.

On Monday morning, based on Regul, he referred to as the courtroom and asked the officer if there was anything towards his shopper they usually stated no.

Ultimately, they filed a case at 15.43 and Monday, just some minutes before the finish of the courtroom at 16.00.

He asked the clerk to send the fax to him, and the officer stated "for sure".

But after ready for some time, Reguli referred to as again and informed them he couldn't fax it to him, and that he needed to get him out to Dekalb County Courthouse to get it.

Reguli needed to take one and a half days there for solely a half day. [19659004] That they had not served the buyer. I didn't know at that time, but they already had another listening to behind. They didn't name her and informed her they have been hearing. They didn't play him and advised him that they had left nothing.

They did all the things ex parte.

Reguli continues to elucidate the order of the DCS to remove the youngsters not even signed by their county decide. They went to another province to get an ex parte emergency order, and even then, Reguli says the decide didn't even signal the order.

These Kangaroo Courts, this Asiatic Regulation System in Progress – No Different

If I have a contract and I need to go for a restrictive order on behalf of someone or another firm, I’ve to file a doc in courtroom after which go to the decide, and then the decide makes the determination

This is how DCS staff are capable of purchase paperwork for one other county, claiming they’ve some emergency – it have to be stopped!

Reguli goes on to elucidate that ex parte assignments are based mostly on coping with emergencies where there isn’t any time to attend for the courtroom to convene and hear. The purpose of the commonplace is: "There is a danger of irreparable danger before the trial."

However DCS staff are misusing the system through the use of ex parte commands to right away take away youngsters from their houses when there isn’t a emergency.

They make these ex parte orders for antonymic hints, with obscure claims that they haven’t any content, they don't do analysis.

As to the case of accusing him of legal prosecution "Facilitating parental control after the fact" Reguli states:

They claimed that the mother was a drug vendor. They by no means proved that her mom was a drug supplier. And it was last August.

The youngsters are at house with the mother. The DCS rejected their case.

I made 4 totally different complaints to the Division of Childcare Providers, displaying all of them the violations. That they had taken these youngsters, that they had sent them 300 miles away in nursing houses with needles, and home windows in home windows in a culturally inappropriate setting that wasn't precisely the type of setting that childcare was alleged to be.

They informed the youngsters that they might by no means go residence to their mother

Anti-Revenge Legal responsibility to Fight Corruption?

he’s a retaliation, Reguli states:

Completely. And in this case, they know that this can be a federal case – it has civil offenses, it is a civil regulation case that’s ready for events. And in Tennessee we’ve a very brief deadline. I have already got a grievance about 80 %. This is just a distraction to steal time.

So we're going to make it a nuisance for everyone.

When we now have a preliminary hearing, I get the cameras in the courtroom, and we’ve got the alternative to get to know some of these individuals, including the judges, the staff, the police – we get them there and take a look at them.

never found that this mom was a drug vendor. And this was their entire basis for operating and kidnapping these youngsters.

Regulate your approach on the foundation of a name with the police that they charge the mother "arrest disturbances" and charged her as a mom's agent "facilitating the crime."

And once more, the matter had already been dismissed and the youngsters have been already at residence with the mom.

Reguli then provides his views on why they are so upset with him

Here is one more reason why they’re indignant with me, so I save every thing I have Olympus digital recorders related to my pc.

Once I go to the courtroom, I put the recorder on the table.

Once we heard on February 26, I received the recorders out on the table, take a brief break, something, and I left it on the recorder. I didn't turn it off once I walked out.

I got here again, and we stop doing what we do.

Once I come back to the workplace oni, i obtain my voice and i tried

So i pulled my voice and realized what i was doing by holding it on.

Nicely, throughout the break, the DCS lawyer and DCS staff spoke to me. In addition to a justice officer, a decide at the Sheriff's Department speaks to me and the shopper. They sit there guffawing and giggle at it, and I despatched it on-line.

They're stay on that. They’re undoubtedly sort to say in precept that Connie Reguli is a barrier to unification. Nicely, this exhibits that it was personal proper then.

This was a private angle.

Watch the full video here

Mail Arrest Interviews

  Brentwood City

Lawyer Connie Reguli at Brentwood Police Station. Image of Fb.

Lawyer Connie Reguli immediately turned to the authorities for seizure. The decide apparently didn’t think about him a menace to society because he didn’t have to be imprisoned, however freed Regul from his own identification.

Bail for the mother, Wendy Hancock, was set at simply $ 1,000.00 and solely needed to tolerate $ 100.

Nashville Information Channel 5 interviewed Regul after she was out of prison. Fox 17 also interviewed him

in a Facebook stay video publish, Reguli tells how he and Wendy have been handcuffed and chained to a wall in prison as we speak.

Reguli invites those who are named for his trial:

Deedee Miller, we obtained your identify and quantity, you’re the defendant # 1.

The civil go well with comes down.

They did this with a sealed charge. Earlier I was a district lawyer, and this joke was from all defending legal professionals that you can increase ham sandwiches.

As a result of they are all going and telling the story. They are purported to reveal evidence of the matter. If not, it is unconstitutional. That is referred to as "careless research".


Detective Lori Russ. Image Supply

Detective Lori Russ, careless analysis. Did you know about it? Have you learnt what ex parte orders are? Have you learnt what the competence is?

Yeah, we're speaking now. There are not any extra gag orders. I know they assume that if they are accused, they will not speak about it because we use these videos in felony regulation.

Reguli then talks about how they will ask the jury now that this can be a felony case, and DCS's allegations and corrupt acts are revealed.

  Wendy Hancock and daughter

Wendy Hancock and her daughter.

Yeah, good. Because we're going to do a jury trial. And we call all DCS individuals in. We invite individuals to talk about money.

Because you realize what this matter is in legal regulation, Mens Rea. And what is your religious perception of what’s occurring. And arrests, guess what? Worry of being harmed is a defense.

We know what’s in the baby's care.

So fearing your youngsters who are in baby care is actual.

Sending Youngsters to Visitor Houses, It's Actual.

DCS can get your baby to vaccinate HPV vaccines behind your back, which is real.

Shifting Youngsters to Six Dwellings in Ten Months and 4 Faculties That Are Actual.

If the dad or mum moved their youngsters to six houses and 4 faculties during the yr, what do you assume DCS is saying?

Taking youngsters to parties where they smoke the pot and drink tomatoes (the first 10 days they have been in parenting) – do you assume your youngsters are actually scared about babysitting?

Good job Deedee Miller. We're not gonna overlook you.

Detective James Cornelius, with the Smithville City Police, once I stated I wasn't speaking to my shopper with out me, I meant it!

And whenever you took him to jail, and commenced to query him and did not make a full Miranda warning, and you’ve got already advised NOT to interview a shopper without me present, do you assume there will probably be a bit of fifth change?

And let's speak about Crime Regulation. "So Detective James Cornelius, you knew the place his son was, and also you refused to inform him on August 10th, and he had full custody of your youngster, and you refused to inform him?

After which, Deedee Miller, did your son reside with a drug supplier for a weekend?

Name for action

Lawyer Connie Reguli asks the public to take a stand and say "enough!"

He asks the viewers to invite the following individuals to protest this justice and ab

Williamson County District Lawyer's Office, Telephone: 615-794-7275

E-mail DCS Customer Service:

The united statesTower, 10th Flooring 315 Deaderick Road Nashville, TN 37243 (615) 741-9701:

Contact Mary Littleton, presumed to be in control of main laws:

425 fifth Avenue North Suite 634 Cordell Hull Bldg . Nashville, TN 37243 Telephone: (615) 741-7477 Fax: (615) 253-0279

Touch upon this article at

Revealed 18 July 2019

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