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Congressmen who threaten to explore the link between autism and vaccine


: Barbara Loe Fisher
Vaccine Response

6. January 20, 2019 Sharyl Attkisson's publication Sinclair Broadcast Group revealed that retired Congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN) and Dr Dave Weldon (R-FL) and current Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) put strain on his colleagues, or PhRMA lobbyists threatened to return to a assessment of the vaccine's questions of safety, together with the reported link between vaccines and autism.

revealed that, in 2007, federal officers suppressed and misrepresented the skilled report of the pediatric neurologist Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, according to which vaccines may cause autism in US federal courtroom hearings evaluating vaccine-related claims of autism introduced in the Federal Vaccine Compensation Program (VICP). 2

“You really have to get back here”

The “Vaccination Discussion” report was introduced in the “Full Measure” collection, Sinclair's Analysis Report Attacked by Attkisson,

”We spoke to 11 current and former Congress members and employees claiming to have

The doctor and former Dave Weldon commented,

“It would typically be in a corridor or street, and people would come to you and say,“ Ti You're going to have to really guarantee this. It could be, it could be a bad community or a bad country or bad for you. ”

Attkisson also interviewed Rolf Hazelhurst, who now suffered from critical vaccine responses as a toddler of 18-year-old boy Yates and regressed into continual dangerous health, which was ultimately found to be autistic. Hazelhurst, a felony prosecutor, stated:

”First I didn't consider it. I didn't assume I assumed the vaccines might cause autism. I didn't consider it.

The US government rejects an professional opinion on the link between autism and the vaccine for baby neurologists

When Rolf Hazelhurst discovered that dr. Zimmerman's skilled report has been downgraded and federal officials have abused the federal ban on vaccine compensation for his son3 and hundreds of different youngsters with autism associated to vaccination, 4 Hazelhurst advised Congress employees at a press convention in 2013:

” youngsters who have been injured in the vaccine, I might have been let go and can be prosecuted.

He and Environmental Activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. have submitted anti-fraud measures to the Inspector of the Ministry of Justice on the arrest of Zimmerman's professional report on vaccine-induced autism in US federal courts

"The Court of Justice" and Class Motion Omnibus Autis

The Secretary of Health and Human Providers represents the Authorized and Human Providers Secretary Division (DOJ) Attorneys at the Federal Courtroom of Justice ("Vaccine Court") when Federal Health Authorities Disputes National Childhood Injury Claims Regulation on Vaccine Injury, Congress Act 1986, amended by Congressional Modifications between 1987 and 2016.5

The 1986 Act offered partial legal responsibility insurance for vaccine manufacturers, nevertheless it protected the right of the injured individual to file a lawsuit for vaccination with a civil courtroom if federal compensation was denied or it was not sufficient to guarantee life-long wants or if it could possibly be shown that the vaccine manufacturer might have made the vaccine safer (design failure).

The Supreme Courtroom of the United States of America effectively blocked all vaccination trials, together with the producer's design errors, in the 2011 choice.

The 'Courtroom of the Rococo' supervised the seven-year-old Omnibus Autism procedure of 2009 and threw out greater than 5,500 vaccine claims towards youngsters with autism associated with vaccination.8

Mercury preservatives in vaccines and / or MMR vaccine or a mixture of both.9

The 1986 Regulation on Security and Compensation Provisions Modifications to the Nationwide Vaccination Info Middle has strongly criticized the Department of Well being and Human Providers and the United States Supreme Courtroom over the years.101112

Duty Company (GAO) reported on the evaluation of VICP's activities in 2014 and was essential of how lengthy it took to resolve claims primarily for many vaccines towards DHHS.13

Sharyl Attkisson: Re porter going to one other will

CBS correspondent for over 20 years, Sharyl Attkisson is five occasions the winner of the Emmy Award and Edward R. Murrow prize winner for analysis reporting and the Pillar Human Rights Journalism Award for fearless reporting to authorities countermeasures.

During 1996-2001 he is internet hosting the PBS a half-hour weekly medical magazine "Health Week".

He’s the Greatest Vendor of Stonewalled (2014) and The Smear (2017) Books

After CBS 2014, Attkisson joined Sinclair's staff of investigative journalists main the "Complete Measure" of state waste, state safety, and whistleblower reviews Abuse.14

Attkisson has been writing and compiling reviews for a decade

He introduced Ted Speak "Is Fake News Real?" February 2018.15

Presently, he has a lawsuit towards DOJ and FBI on the foundation of the First and Fourth Right of Change. State control of a personal citizen supplier, including digital management of his pc, cyber attacks and cyber attacks.16

See the "Complete Action" Report on Vaccination .

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