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Autism is avoidable, treatable and curable – Part 2 of the chlorine dioxide protocol

CD Protocol Kerri Rivera

John P. Thomas
Well being Results Information

Kerri Rivera made the following feedback on the chlorine dioxide protocol in his 2019 performance at Autism. He said:

Autism is avoidable, treatable and curable.

I’ve seen the youngsters's faces. I’ve met them. I have spoken with them and mothers, mother and father and families who have had their life back. They’ve returned – they’re utterly back from autism – and I need to share it with you.

The CD protocol is tried and true. This is the tenth yr of this protocol.

I respect that you are open minded in restoring your self and your baby's illness, especially autism.

For those of you who need details about the CD protocol and are ready for it, right here it is. I'm glad that will help you and I wish you all the greatest in your journey. [1]

How does the CD protocol work?

The protocol offers therapeutic by killing pathogens, fixing systemic inflammation, and revitalizing the functioning of the immune system. It deals with candida, bacteria, parasites, viruses and heavy metals. [2]

Who benefits from the CD protocol?

The CD protocol is not just autism. It additionally discusses circumstances comparable to Asperger, PANDAS, PANS, PITAND, ADD and ADHD, and PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Dysfunction, which is not in any other case outlined), which is typically another label for autism. These associated circumstances might coexist with, overlap with, or be separate from, autism. [2]

The CD protocol can be used with MS, continual fatigue syndrome, Crohn, Lyme, fibromyalgia – principally any continual illness. [2]

CD Protocol – Part 2

The knowledge in the earlier article and the info introduced at the moment is a quick summary of the CD protocol introduced in AutismOn Might 2019. Anybody wishing to use the protocol ought to read the first half of this text that provides an summary. It presents the foundation for a modified ketogenic food plan, every little thing else, and introduces the use of chlorine dioxide (CD), which is a key part of the protocol.

With this link you possibly can read the previous article:

Autism may be improved – how the chlorine dioxide protocol is used to restore sulfur-dwelling

Understand that the following info is only a temporary abstract of the CD protocol and is for info solely.

Relationship between the modified ketogenic eating regimen and other elements of the protocol

Common query:

”Do I want to switch a totally modified ketogenic food plan (low carbohydrate food) earlier than different elements of the protocol? ”

Importing a food regimen into the family is an ongoing work. It might take 30-60 days to completely implement. During this time, it is necessary to seek out the recipes that the youngsters take pleasure in. It takes time to make changes. Other elements of the protocol may be added during the eating regimen, corresponding to CD, humic fulvic, breakthrough condonite D, and black seed oil. The parasite protocol can then be began. [2]

The Importance of Measuring Youngsters's Disease

Before starting a CD protocol, it is essential to do an ATEC check. This provides a determine that measures the degree of malfunction

As the remedy continues, this quantity must be lowered. Level 10 or less signifies restoration. The check must be repeated every three months or every time a brand new part of the protocol is added. [2]

Autism Remedy Guidelines – Take ATEC On-line

Disintegration of biofilm in the digestive tract

One of the main tasks of the CD protocol is to revive intestinal health. This means decomposing biofilms in the digestive tract

Biofilms are a highly sticky gelatin matrix that creates a self-protecting surroundings during which pathogenic micro organism, fungi, viruses and parasites can stay protected.

Biofilm organisms cause a spread of persistent illnesses.

To restore well being, biofilms must be decomposed so that pathogens can decompose lifeless and poisonous debris and heavy metals could be removed from the body. [3, 4]

Two key micro organism associated with autism, PANDAS, and numerous different persistent persistent illnesses are Strep and Staph, who stay in protected lives in biofilms. [2]

Humic Fulvic

Humic fulvic is a naturally occurring acid and hint factor. It consists of naturally degradable organic material. [5]

The humane fulvic combination produces vitamins for mitochondria. It removes intercellular particles, seals the leaking gut and removes toxic substance from the body. [2]

Humic fulvic travels by means of the blood-mind barrier and removes heavy metals (akin to mercury) and removes pesticides and other mind toxins. [2]

It is a pure supply of 77 minerals, electrolytes and amino acids. It regulates PH in all organs and physique cells. It removes pesticides and destroys glyphosate. [2]

It protects cells from viruses. It offers healthy sleep, improves ulcers, reduces pain, reduces free radicals and dietary supplements minerals. It balances cell life. It is anti-getting older. It could help repair illnesses akin to cancer and enhance rheumatoid arthritis. It brings therapeutic to the electrical activity of cells – most cancers cells have a low electrical value. [2]

Kerri Rivera recommends taking humic fulvic 3 times a day for a longer, healthier life. It makes us better detoxifying brokers. [2]

He says it is not very expensive and straightforward to make use of. It is odorless and tasteless. Adults can take two milliliters 3 times a day in water or straight or with food. Youngsters ought to take 1 milliliter 3 times a day. [2]

Black Seed Oil

This is additionally referred to as a black vine.

Black seed oil is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is an effective remedy for drug-resistant pathogens. It kills MRSA and strep infection (associated with PANDAS). It is anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-most cancers, asthmatic and has antihistamine. It is excellent for allergic reactions. [2]

Kerri Rivera stated:

It is also omega 3 and 6. Many individuals ask me in the event that they take omega? I feel we need to get monetary savings and concentrate on getting more Bang by taking humane fulvic and black seed oils. Black seed oil provides omega each to kill pathogens and to enhance all things. It actually improves the body and makes the physique heal.

I additionally love to kill parasites and strep.

Take [black seed oil] with every meal. Take half a teaspoon and 2 tablespoons. Choose it to food. I do know individuals who take it with out food. You possibly can take it in both course.

The CD has advantages, Humic fulvic has its advantages, and black seed oil has the advantage. [1]

Digestive enzymes

The precise formulation of six digestive enzymes, 4 B vitamins and beta-HCl are mentioned

This formulation makes far more than melting food. It also increases hydrochloric acid in the abdomen, which is essential for digestive health and good digestion. [2]

Kerri Rivera exhibits that 90 – 100% of youngsters in the spectrum of autism are low in hydrochloric acid (HCL). When HCL is low, the absorption of B vitamins, minerals and amino acids is poor. [2]

Enzyme Formulation give HCl to help in digestion, but the method will even improve the production of hydrochloric acid which in flip will help to improve SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). SIBO is a condition through which the colon micro organism transfer into the small gut and reside in their place of residence. [2]

Insufficient HCL production is related to stomach swelling after consuming, anemia, SIBO and MTHFR. (MTHFR is weak methylation and enzyme production.)

When the hydrochloric acid focus increases, swelling decreases. When therapeutic progresses, normal properly-shaped faeces are present. This is a sign of a happier, healthier bowel. [2]

Satisfactory HCL ranges help asthma, melancholy, SIBO, MTHFR, allergic reactions, fungal progress, constipation, diarrhea, swelling. Enough gastric acid ranges are wanted along the bile, enzymes, and other vitamins in the digestive tract. [2]

When HCL is low, proteins usually are not degraded. The meals that enters the gut is undiminished, and the body can read it as an allergen, however it is not. Consequently, meals allergy panels are usually misguided.

It is higher to take a look at the symptoms. How do youngsters take care of eating a specific food? Do they have redness on the face or ears? Are they now hyperactive? It might be a food allergy. Otherwise it will probably solely be insufficient for HCL. [2]

Kerri Rivera stated:

So, if you put black seed oil and Robynzymy in the protocol, your flora will get well and develop again, a lot better than taking those overpriced probiotics which might be an issue for PANDAS individuals – they don't work nicely with probiotics. It has been discovered that probiotics really feed on parasites. [1]


Parasites are very poisonous. They release ammonia, which may trigger convulsions, cramping and dangerous breath. They release morphine, histamine, amphetamine and neurotoxin. [2]

Some autistic individuals are recognized with schizophrenia because they have intense worry, nervousness, melancholy, panic attacks, and so forth. The issue is typically a parasite, not a psychiatric sickness. [2]

Parasites are not often identified in lab faeces, although they’re current. A more reliable solution to detect their presence is to comply with conduct and emotional / psychological reactions. These reactions are bodily. Parasites are often seen in the release of enema water. [2]

Some of the symptoms which are seen in youngsters, once they have parasites, the nostril and the again aspect of the choosing, nail biting, waking up in the night time between 1-3 am, constipation, seizures, tooth grinding, anemia, low vitamin B12 or low iron , drooling, enlarged college students and others. [2]

The parasitic protocol replaces the use of Mebendazole with Neem Synergy. The remedy ought to embrace periodic breaks when parasites aren’t attacked. This remedy interval lasts one yr. Mebendazole is used from day 1 to day 11 and then Chemistry is used from day 12 to day 21. Then there is a break of 7 days and 10 days before the cycle continues. [2]

After this remedy had been a pulse for 12 months, there is a further protocol with a 6-week low dose of Albendazole and a 2-week break adopted by an extra six weeks of low dose Albendazole. This is particularly efficient with PANDAS. [2]

Kerri Rivera stated:

Mebendazole has acquired rather a lot of individuals as a result of it is a drugs. Nevertheless it's just a large-scale parasite killer. It is not an antibiotic, it is not an antifungal and it doesn’t intend to destroy any flora at all. It kills all types of parasites and goes from one finish to a different. It goes into the mouth and comes out of the rectum – it has no absorption.

Neem is a herb that is good for offending parasites, it helps lots of nervousness, nervousness and worry which might be symptoms of parasites. This particular neem is excellent for individuals with nervousness assaults or panic assaults. It additionally handles ulcers by killing them inflicting bacteria and helping the immune system. [1]

Stone Breaker

Stone Breaker is used to break oxalates, nevertheless it is also pathogenic and anti-inflammatory. It helps with liver failure. Youngsters in the spectrum of autism might have problems with too much oxalate. [2]

Castor Oil

Kastri oil used by Kerri Rivera is odorless and tasteless. It is designed to drive the liver flux from the liver. It additionally helps in irritation, swelling, pain and acidity in the body. It will increase the perform of the immune system. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiparasitic. It is good for pores and skin and hair. [2]


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is high for binding and removing of aluminum. It really works like a chelator in the mind. It additionally poison chemical compounds in genetically modified organisms. It's good for allergic reactions. [2]

B17 Apricot kernel

It only takes three to five seeds a day. B17 increases immunity, relieves pain and helps with constipation. It is an antimicrobial and antifungal. It is a superb approach to break down fungi / molds. It is also part of cancer protocols. [2]

Chondroitin Sulfate D

This is a brand new era product. First was GcMAF. Then there was Rerum. It is now Chondroitin Sulfate D.

It is excellent for immune help. It is a macrophage activator and a nagalase decreasing agent. It's like the immune system of Pacman. It penetrates all pathogens, including small ones, and then it lowers irritation. [2]

It is an excellent product for speech restoration whether the baby is verbal or non-verbal. It helps create normal neurotype dialog patterns – again and forth communication. Kerri Rivera says that the youngsters who burst out now converse. Youngsters who have been speechless at the moment are burying, which may result in words. This is a superb product for PANDAS restoration. [2]

Chondroitin sulfate D helps youngsters with power and focus, that are key elements for youngsters in the spectrum of autism. It also helps the youngsters more peacefully, which improves conduct. Cognition, focusing, concentration and sleep might be higher. [2]

This product is also helpful for continual fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, immunity, lyme and cancer. [2]

Chondroitin sulfate D is additionally helpful in a modified ketogenic food regimen with convulsion and keto flu. When combined with humane fulvic, it helps with constipation or diarrhea, stressed goals, irritation, fibromyalgia, continual fatigue. It benefits everyone. [2]


Chelates are merchandise that adhere to toxins, to allow them to be faraway from the physique in urine, faeces and sweat.

Kerri Rivera stated:

uses heavy chelators. We used IV chelation, nevertheless it wasn't very effective.

When chlorine dioxide (CD) is neutralized by heavy metals, quite a bit of any chelator is efficient. [1]

Kerri Rivera exhibits that, until said otherwise, chelate could be taken with or with out food. Chelators improve power, improve brainwort, help poor skin, scale back complications and aching joints and cope with toxicity. They don’t reduce minerals or vitamins from the physique. They restore wholesome PH in the body from toxins. [2]

Chelate – EDTA

EDTA is an oral chelator. It is added to water. It has no taste and is a standard metallic chelator.

Chelator – Clean Clay

Pure clay (bentonite) is additionally a standard metallic and toxin chelator. Pure clay can be used orally or in the tub. It can be used orally because it doesn’t include heavy metals or toxins (it has been examined). It should not be taken orally with meals. [2]

Pure clay will increase immunity. It helps to struggle infections. It kills bacteria and viruses. It seals leaky bowel, which protects the intestine wall from bacteria, toxins, pesticides, and other chemical compounds. It helps to regulate nausea and vomiting, and it additionally works for constipation resembling diarrhea. [2]

Chelator Zeolite

Zeolite is excellent for chelating aluminum, mercury, ammonia, radioactive options and different toxins. It's like a magnet without Herxheimer's reaction. It is greatest to keep away from it with meals. FDA and GMP settle for it for human consumption. [2]

Kerri Rivera tells her that the zeolite she sells is very clean – "you can take it every day for your life." She warns mother and father that the liquid zeolite bought by MLM packages is very expensive and does not supply the benefits in comparison with the zeolite she sell. [2]

Chelator – Ultra Binder

Extremely Binder is excellent for everyone, particularly for those with persistent illnesses. It binds to toxins, heavy metals, ammonia, mould, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, solvents and endotoxins. It balances blood sugar, helps the neurotoxins that trigger mind inflammation. It’s going to drain the infection, and supports the liver, gall bladder and bowel perform. It really helps in the absorption of minerals, which is essential for our brains and all physique features. It improves bowel obstruction. It keeps the toxins in the intestine and prevents them from getting into the bloodstream. [2]


Wholesome thyroid perform is essential for the spectrum of autism and their mothers. It is widespread for each youngsters and moms to see low thyroid aid

Detailed info on thyroid perform evaluation and the use of natural products to restore thyroid deficiency is discussed in Kerri Riveran AutismOne 2019.

Ionic Footbath

A simple electrolysis technique is used in the foot tub. The ft are placed in a Scorching Tub Tub with power meter (coil) that adds ions to the water. Ions stimulate a course of that helps the body release toxins. [2]

The benefits far exceed 30-60 minutes in the foot spa. The ionization process stimulates cleansing over the next 24 to 72 hours. The toxins are faraway from the body by means of urination, faeces and sweating. It can be used each other day or 3 days and at some point off.

The process initiated by the footbed removes lively viruses, bacteria, Candida and fungi. It helps to alleviate pain, scale back inflammation, cleanse the blood and lymphatic system, stability the immune system and positively affect nutrient absorption.

It reduces fluid retention, helps remove skin issues, reduces getting old and improves flexibility. It is useful in sleep and helps oxygen in the body. It removes histamine, which is very troublesome to remove. It cleans the lymph. It reduces copper, aluminum, lead, iron, manganese, antimony, cadmium, arsenic and urea from ammonia. [2]

Kerri Rivera stated:

It's good for the entire family. In case you have two youngsters, you’ll be able to put your ft on the opposite ends of the foot and put the workforce in the middle. It is great for individuals with arthritis or arthritis or entire physique irritation.

A very great point is the mother and father' feedback. Youngsters are calmer and extra targeted. Not so costly and if it will probably assist us get extra calm there, I might undoubtedly say it is going to do it. [1]

Hyperbaric Oxygen

For hypersensitive oxygen remedy, an individual is positioned in a pressurized chamber to extend oxygen levels in the physique. It helps to scale back all irritation, especially brain irritation. [2]

Kerri Rivera stated:

It's time and place for hyperbaric. I want to say that everybody needs it at the time, but youngsters with PANDAS and individuals with giant parasites don’t achieve this properly with hyperbaric. Might even be a regression.

Lab exams are by no means good for parasites as a result of of false negatives. You’ll undoubtedly need to do an enemas and take a look at what's coming out.

You need to make certain your youngsters are prepared for hyperbaric so that they have nice results. My son was capable of return speech in the hyperbaric chamber.

If your youngster has PANDAS, PANS, PITAND, you in all probability need to wait until we're nonetheless in the protocol for a yr or two. Some get well from by no means doing hyperbaric – most really get well without hyperbaric. [1]

Superior CD Protocol

This text mentioned most of the elements of the CD protocol, however some have been skipped to regulate the size of this presentation. Extra beneficial info could be found here:

CD-ROM Consumer Information

Source of CD-Protocol Products – Keto Kerri

Enhancing the Traits of Kerri River [Autism (2. painos) (eBook)] [19659123] Residence – CD Autism – Kerri Rivera

Real Kerri Rivera – For the Proper Answer

Kerri Rivera Speaks for AutismOne Might 2019

Closing Notes

Fact goes by means of three levels. First, it laughs, secondly it is violently opposed, and thirdly it is self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

The CD protocol by Kerri Rivera is in the second part – it is being resisted violently. The day is coming when he is justified, and his work is recognized and accepted as self-evident, similar to mother and father whose youngsters have recovered.

If 557 individuals have already lost their autistic analysis, utilizing the CD protocol, what number of extra must be launched from this contemporary sickness before the scientific and medical communities awaken and recognize the fact that autism might be handled and healed?

The work of Kerri Rivera clearly exhibits that there is hope for autistic individuals and they will recuperate. Nevertheless, he presents a solemn warning.

Kerri Rivera stated:

We are not looking for anybody to regression during remedy or after restoration. There are sad tales of households who need to vaccinate youngsters because of compulsory vaccination. The kid had begun to speak and then after the vaccination the youngster falls deeper into the abyss of autism. These are heartbreaking tales.

Not vaccines. No extra antibiotics. No more glyphosate. No extra Tylenol. No more paracetamol for fever. I see people who make unbiased chelates after chelating after chelation. Sure, heavy metals are part of the drawback, but heavy metals are in biofilms with pathogens. We have now to cope with it all.

That is why the CD protocol has been so profitable because we handle all the pathogens and heavy metals – all along with the CD, humic fulvic, black oil. We do lots of things to get the physique right into a state of affairs where homeostasis and well being could be restored. [1]

About the Writer

John P. Thomas is a Health Influence Information well being scientist. He has B.A. Psychology from College of Michigan and Master of Public Health (MSPH), Division of Public Health, Division of Public Health, North Carolina, Chapel Hill



[2] AutismOne in Might 2019. ”

[3] Erik C. von Rosenvinge, Graeme A. Might, Sandra Macfarlane, George T. Macfarlane, and Mark E. Shirtliff; "Mikrobiofilmit and gastrointestinal diseases," Pathog Dis, 29.02.2013, PMID 23620117.

[4] "the risk of intestinal plaque or biofilm and how do you know if you have it," Beat SIBO, 2/20/2018.

[5] "9 Fulvinic Acid Benefit and One Weird Case", 08/2017 and Up to date 07/2019.

Revealed on July 17, 2019

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