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Autism Can Be Improved – How The Chlorine Dioxide Protocol Is Used To Restore Sulfur

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I hope no one has needed to use the chlorine dioxide protocol developed by Keri Rivera for the remedy of autism and different persistent illnesses.

The deception of the CD protocol by Brandy Zadrozny by NBC News is introduced in the following article within the Health Information News:

Mother and father in search of autologous autism on-line are reported to CPS Youngsters medically killed

As the info within the previous article clearly present, chlorine dioxide exhibits clearly chlorine dioxide has not harm or killed anyone. Chlorine dioxide shouldn’t be a bleach.

The US Federal Medicines Agency (FDA) has accepted chlorine dioxide (CD) for use in meals and water disinfection. It has additionally been accredited by the US Environmental Protection Company (EPA) and accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) for water purification. [1]

It’s clear that a chlorine dioxide research exhibits that it isn’t harmful to human life. [2]

Kerri Rivera additional describes protected and helpful makes use of of chlorine dioxide. He said:

ClO2 is a yellow-inexperienced fuel that was discovered in 1814. Because the early 20th century, individuals have used it as a disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide [CD] is used for disinfecting meals and surgical tools. It is injected into the product to disinfect them before they enter the market. It could possibly sterilize air and enhance air high quality. The CD is extra efficient than hydrogen peroxide for killing bacteria. [3]

Nice bleaching that is repeated again and again

Chlorine dioxide shouldn’t be bleaching! Chemically, chlorine dioxide (CLO2) and sodium hypochlorite, bleach (NaOCl or NaClO) are two clearly totally different chemical compounds.

I need to say it in another way. Chlorine dioxide kills pathogens in meals and in the human physique with oxygen. Yes, the same oxygen we breathe each day in life.

Sodium hypochlorite kills pathogens with chlorine.

During World Warfare I, chlorine fuel was used as a weapon to take away and kill allied soldiers. Chlorine fuel was released into the air and flows into the mines where the soldiers have been placed. [4]

It is extremely damaging to life [4] however this isn’t the case with chlorine dioxide. [5]

So, once you hear somebody who refers to chlorine dioxide as an "industrial bleach", you recognize that they either intentionally lie or are incorrect.

Kerry Rivera is a forerunner in autism restoration

Kerri Rivera has studied ways by which individuals's lives in autism and related circumstances might be restored since 2006.

He carried out DAN-based mostly coaching in autistic biomedical care in 2009 [

is a degree in homeopathy and has been educated to offer hyperbaric remedy

He’s a developer of the chlorine dioxide protocol that has been used to restore 557 individuals from autism and related circumstances. [3, 6]

Who will help with chlorine dioxide protocol?

Autism shouldn’t be the one condition Autism has numerous circumstances that affect disabled youngsters and adults.

These circumstances embrace Asperger, PANDAS (Pediatric sufferers with streptococcal infections, PANS), a neuropsychiatric symptom of a kid's acute outbreak. Incontinence), PITAND (Autoimmune Psychiatric Issues brought on by Pediatric Patients), ADD and ADHD (Consideration Deficit Dysfunction and Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Dysfunction) and PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Dysfunction, Not otherwise Specified), which is usually another label for autism [19659003] Related Circumstances can coexist with, overlap with, or be separate from autism

Kerri Rivera places all these labels into context by describing them in this method. He said:

What all these entries are in widespread is a compromised immune system that doesn’t work because it should. There is a progress agent. The entire body has irritation. There are candida, micro organism, parasites, viruses and naturally heavy metals. [3]

Briefly, these youngsters and the adults coming from them endure the results of the 21st century life. They are extreme instances of recent sicknesses that injury the entire population in a method or one other.

They endure from the consequences of glyphosate, denatured industrial meals, contaminated water, polluted air, environmental chemical compounds, vaccines, antibiotics, and different medicine.

Can these youngsters really help?

There are three solutions to this question, depending on who is asking.

  1. The traditional medical system requires that they have no idea what causes these circumstances and there is no recognized improvement. They forestall everyone from looking for improvement till Huge Pharma finds an answer. They are in battle with those that dare to seek out any remedy that isn’t part of their system. The only factor they provide is psychiatric medicines, which in some instances might make life easier for nurses, however it doesn't help anyone get well from these sicknesses. [5]
  1. There are people who consider in autism and these related states are simply regular variations in human situation. They are saying we should always settle for them and love them as they are. They are saying it’s an insult to attempt to fix them. They’re in conflict with those who dare to discover a remedy that they say is regular. [1] Apparently, they appear ignorant or ignore the fact that different individuals in the autism frequency vary continue to wear diapers as adults of their twenties, spend their days screaming in ache and hitting their heads all day. Such conduct shouldn’t be a stretch of creativeness
  1. Finally, there are those who are convinced that the noticed variations in youngsters and adults suffering from autism spectrum issues could be handled and the symptoms may be lost. They've seen evidence of life. They don't need to throw away the youngsters' lives when Huge Pharma is on the lookout for an exquisite drugs. They don’t seem to be prepared to throw the lives of those youngsters by saying that it’s regular to stay a dysfunctional life until they die. They’ve experienced an entire and lasting restoration and do not stop research till everybody who needs to heal might be restored successfully. [3]

Kerri Rivera is in this last group. He has seen more than 550 full recoveries from autism in August 2010 and knows that tens of hundreds of individuals have been helped. As his CD protocol continues to be refined, the recovery price continues to develop. [3]

Kerri Rivera confirms the truth without reservation when she states:

Autism is avoidable, treatable and curable.

The CD protocol has revolutionized autism recovery. We have now taken all of the things within the protocol and issues that not work have been eliminated. So it is continually evolving

We have now targeted on killing pathogens and enhancing the immune system to improve the physique. Until we return 100% of the youngsters 100% of the time this protocol will proceed to develop. The practitioner is simply nearly as good as his hardest means. [3]

The restoration is measured by the ATEC check. Level 10 or much less signifies recovery. Kerri Rivera recommends doing this check earlier than starting the CD protocol and repeating it each three months to trace progress or each time you’re prepared to start out a brand new protocol element.

He stated:

It actually doesn’t matter when someone says your baby is PDD-NOS and the ATEC rating is 100. If the ATEC score is 100, you’re protected within the area of ​​autism and you may safely deal with the protocol. [3]

Autism Remedy Checklist – Take ATEC On-line

The CD protocol isn’t just autistic youngsters and is rather more than chlorine dioxide

Kerri Rivera stated:

The wonderful thing about this protocol is that it’s proved to be effective principally for each disease, including autism, as a result of at the root of all illnesses there are very comparable issues like inflammation, pathogens, heavy metals and so forth. [3]

The complete CD protocol consists of: modified ketogenic weight loss plan, chlorine dioxide, chondroitin sulfate D, humic / fulvic, black seed oil, digestive enzymes, antiparasitic medicine, chelates, binders, thyroid additives, ion-foot tub and hyperbaric oxygen.

Kerri Rivera stated:

The CD protocol not applies only to autism.

There are individuals who solely purchase breakthrough chondroitin D as a result of it really works for speech it doesn’t matter what protocol chances are you’ll do (even in the event you don't make the protocol) or in case you simply need to be healthier.

You can do it or take humus / fulvise or black seed oil. You are able to do elements or all – all are fantastic!

Naturally, I like to recommend doing every thing for autism.

The CD protocol can be utilized with MS, persistent fatigue, Crohn, Lyme, fibromyalgia – mainly continual illnesses.

An acute sickness corresponding to chilly could be treated with a couple of bucket black seed oil and some CD doses – this can get you through it immediately. [3]

Studying to make use of the CD protocol

Understand that the next info is only a temporary summary of the CD protocol and is meant for informational purposes only.

Anyone fascinated by learning extra concerning the protocol should take heed to Kerri Rivera's full presentation at AutismOn Might 2019 for more info.

Kerri Rivera AutismOne Might 2019

I recommend getting a replica of his guide out there on his website. Amazon has lately removed it from its product range. His guide is on the market in several languages.

Enhancing the Properly-recognized Symptoms of the Autism (Second Edition)

Kerri Rivera's website additionally incorporates a wealth of details about videos and articles. Time is used to review this data.

Residence – CD Autism – Kerri Rivera – CDAUTISM.ORG


Real Kerri Rivera – For Actual Options

Lastly, I like to recommend communication with Kerri Rivera in case you have any questions concerning the CD protocol

contact Kerri Rivera at:

Chlorine dioxide protocol begins with food regimen

Kerri Rivera stated:

Modified ketogenic weight-reduction plan The developer is revolutionary for the restoration of autism.

In fact, food plan is gluten and casein, however it's just the start. We should avoid grains, rice, fruit and fructose that feed on pathogens similar to Candida and parasites.

We now have to have grain and fruit. There it’s enhancing the gut and mind – ketones improve the brain.

The release of a few of these foods is initially challenging, but we now have a booklet. It's on-line and you may obtain it. There are recipes and it explains what we do.

Keto Kerry Cookbook (English) Keto Kerri

Many docs have no idea this, but ketosis just isn’t ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis can happen in sort 1 diabetes that’s uncontrolled. That is something very totally different from ketosis.

I notice that when individuals go to a keto food regimen or a modified ketogenic weight-reduction plan, I recommend to most individuals too much protein – too much hen, an excessive amount of beef. You really need to not get an excessive amount of animal protein – you need to be sure to get a whole lot of fats. You must concentrate on fat and never on animal protein.

In the event you get too much protein, you might have issues with ammonia. Parasites launch ammonia and a heavy meat weight loss plan is a superb supply of ammonia. This could injury the mind.

You have to be careful to not eat too many candy issues, as this could trigger brain injury and different injury to the body.

It's not an actual ketogenic weight loss plan – it's a modified ketogenic weight loss plan. It's not a non-carb, however it's a low carb weight-reduction plan. It isn’t so low in carbohydrates which are less than 20 grams of carbohydrates.

For instance, if we eat cashew nuts – they could have 13 carbohydrates per serving. Only one or two parts are simply outdoors the low carbon zone, however we still haven’t any sugars and starches that feed on candida and parasites. [3]

The modified ketogenic weight loss plan really helpful by Kerri Rivera consists of:

  • 50% of all calories (by age) must be within the form of healthy fats.
  • Nuts and seeds can be utilized for the manufacturing of nuts, walnuts and walnuts. They can be utilized to make tortillas, muffins, cookies, muffins, and so on.
  • Animal protein must be utilized in a limited quantity. (Vegans can use plant proteins similar to pea protein.)
  • Limitless greens may be eaten, but no starchy greens akin to potatoes or corn.
  • C8 oil is one of the best fat and avocados are principally countless. Avocados are the right food in addition to coconuts. They have a number of necessary minerals and vitamins, and 1, 2 or three might be eaten every day.

C8 oil is a coconut oil derived dietary complement. Kerri Rivera exhibits that it is the greatest for brain therapeutic. It presents prompt ketones and quick therapeutic. It does not must be treated in the liver. It balances moods and conduct. It additionally makes it easier for many youngsters to scale back their carbohydrates from the food plan and stop grazing the nuts all through the day, as a result of the pathogens require fixed feeding. [3]

Coconut oil tremendously helps the immune system. It is an anti-Candida and Alzheimer antibody. It improves the mind. It must be used for cooking and baking. [3]

Particular word from Playdough: Playdough is made out of wheat. It’s necessary to avoid youngsters not consuming it. Gluten can be absorbed by means of the skin when utilizing Playdough. Gluten-free playdough merchandise might be purchased. [3]

Kerri Rivera provides these tips to mother and father who use their modified ketogenic weight-reduction plan with their youngsters.

He stated:

All the time keep in mind that you don’t want anyone to drop pounds in your weight loss plan. So you’ve to remember what number of calories you need for that individual on that day.

Once I hear feedback resembling "my child loses weight and we are on this diet," I'm all the time interested to listen to how much fat they absorb. Often they don’t take fats or perhaps half a teaspoon. day.

In the course of the first month, you need to write down what the youngsters eat to ensure they get the energy. [3]

What is chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide (CD) is a component of a professional-oxidant household. Prooxide is 4: chlorine dioxide (this is the weakest), breathable oxygen, ozone and hydrogen peroxide

Prooxidants don’t cause oxidative stress. They scale back oxidative stress by killing the pathogens that cause it. [3]

When autism and different circumstances are used, CD kills pathogens however doesn’t injury healthy cells or tissues. It reduces common irritation. It’s antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-helminth (parasitic) and neutralizes heavy metals.

It's not a chelator, it does heavy metals for all chelators which are used concurrently for heavy metals. [3]

Because a CD is water that is dissolved in water, the CD can move by means of the microbial cell membranes and cause them to die. It does this by taking electrons from the mould, candid and micro organism, in order that they break down or evaporate to demise. [3]

In the research, CD was shown to scale back 98% of micro organism and fungi similar to E. coli, Candida albicans and Streptococcus (strep found in PANDAS, PANS and PITAND). [3]

When an individual drinks a CD, it’s dispersed all through the physique and is not restricted by the blood-mind barrier, veins or intestinal tract. [3]

Where can an individual get chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is made at house before its use because it has a brief shelf life

The Web and YouTube are full of various methods for producing CDs and making them.

The beneficial chlorine dioxide pack incorporates one bottle of 22.4% sodium chloride answer and one bottle of 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid). You’ll find it at

Two liquid chemical compounds are added collectively in equal amounts. Every have to be diluted before mixing. One drop of every chemical is placed in a dry glass pane with a rounded bottom and stirred for one minute. This makes 1 drop of chlorine dioxide. [3]

Notes on using chlorine dioxide

It may be used in a variety of purposes. It can be swallowed or added to a shower or positioned in a humidifier. It can be used within the eyes, ears, nostril or skin spray. An efficient various is to make use of it as an enema.

If a CD is consumed by consuming, one drop of CD is combined with water and divided into eight or 16 equal doses. Doses are consumed throughout the day. The aim is to start out with a really low dose and proceed very slowly because it kills the pathogens. [3]

It’s potential that the CD might trigger a Herxheimer response. This will happen when the number of lifeless pathogens exceeds the rate at which the body can remove poisonous debris from lifeless pathogens.

If fever, swelling, chills, chilly sweating, cramps, constipation or diarrhea are present, remedy must be slowed down. [3]

Kerri Rivera introduced,

”It doesn’t mean that it will be a very dangerous factor, it means we’re on the right track. Herxheimer has no everlasting injury. ”[3]

In the event you use a CD in a humidifier, add 9 drops of CD per liter of water. That is nicely suited to moldy rooms or if a person gets cold or has a mucus in winter. The humidifier can be used throughout sleep or throughout the day when the individual isn’t match. [3]

Ear infections might be treated with CD ear drops – no antibiotics are needed. [3]

CD spray can be utilized on the skin. It may also be used for disinfecting greens.

A CD can be used in a bath with chickenpox or shingles or any type of pores and skin itch. It may be used for eczema. A CD tub can be used for cold or flu, or if the individual doesn’t feel properly. Add 50 – 200 drops of CD to the bath. [3]

CD can be used for enema. Enemas are one of the simplest ways to eliminate the nausea brought on by ammonia from parasites or headaches brought on by poisoning protocols. Use one drop of CD with 100 ml of water. Use 10 drops of CD with 1 liter of heat water. [3]

CD enema may also help change the pH of the gut. The CD enema helps take away parasites and break down biofilms. Strep and staph bacteria stay beneath the biofilm. Biofilms are also filled with pathogens reminiscent of viruses, bacteria, candidates and parasites.

Keri Rivera adds these options. He stated:

Some individuals don't like CD tastes if they need to take a number of doses for a long time with lyme or autism or PANDAS.

The CD could be inserted into capsules. It is extremely necessary to drink plenty of water with capsules. This really does not apply to young children or to somebody who is just not verbal and can’t inform how they feel if the capsule grabs within the throat. It’s a nice choice in instances where we will use it.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is the one who made the glyphosate link to sickness, cancer, and autism. Watch a video they don't need to see. We had more than 200,000 guests until YouTube took it down. Dr. Seneff explains how glyphosate causes autism and different illnesses to multiply.

CENSORED Kerri Interviews Dr. Seneff: CD destroys glyphosate

[Because of glyphosate,] We should always all take CD maintenance doses particularly when you reside in North America. Glyphosate is principally every part we take pleasure in. [3]

Sooner or later, the remainder of the CD protocol – Part 2 Coming Soon

Within the second part of this text, I’ll summarize the remainder of the CD protocol. The use of the modified ketogenic food plan and chlorine dioxide are solely the initial parts of the CD protocol

The following article summarizes the following: chondroitin D, humic / fulvine, black seed oil, digestive enzymes, antiparasitic medicine, chelators, binders, thyroid supplements, ionic foot tub and hyperbaric oxygen.

Everyone is therapeutic and healing for youngsters and adults!

Concerning the Writer

John P. Thomas is a health scientist. He has B.A. Psychology of the University of Michigan and Master of Public Well being (MSPH), Department of Public Health, Department of Public Well being, North Carolina, Chapel Hill can be youngsters being medically kidnapped, ”Health Impression Information, 6/3/2019.

[2] Judith R. Lubbers, Sudha Chauhan and Joseph R. Bianchine; "Controlled Clinical Estimates of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorine and Chlorine in Human", Elementary and Applied Toxicology, 1981.

[3] "Kerri Rivera AutismOne May 2019."

[4] "Was chlorine gas used in the First World War?", filed 6/20/2019.

[5] ”Kerri and Dr Seneff June 11, 2019 CD Caring for Autism, YouTube.

[6] "Home", CD Autism, Kerri Rivera, CDAUTISM.ORG, 6/22/2019

Revealed June 25, 2019

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